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‘Prodigal Son’ recap “Family Friend”

Martin’s office phone mysteriously rings and the guy on the other line, an old family friend, knows about the camping trip and is angry that Malcolm interrupted his work at the junkyard.

Malcolm believes “Paul” is a mission killer who views killing as work like he’s cleaning up the streets. Dr. Tanaka says there are 16 confirmed kills and confirms that Paul held them for days before crushing them.

'Prodigal Son' recap "Family Friend"
Peter Kramer/FOX.

Back at the junkyard, Malcolm discovers Paul’s holding cell, AKA Winnebago, with a man trapped inside, Ryan Davis.

You can’t save me, no one can.- Ryan Davis

Dani and Malcolm visit the church Ryan and some of the other victims stayed at. Father Leo has become a suspect. Possibly this Paul has used multiple aliases. Nevermind, Father Leo’s hand was chopped off and sent to Malcolm as a present.

Paul calls again and riles Malcolm up with the girl in the trunk, which is still a mystery. While taking a break, Malcolm follows Paul to get answers. But first, Paul wants answers, leading Malcolm to open up the “I’m my father’s son” can of worms.

'Prodigal Son' recap "Family Friend"
David Giesbrecht/FOX.

Paul wants Malcolm to join him on his next mission and in return, he’ll give Malcolm some answers. Paul shows Malcolm the girl’s bracelet but also reveals that he wants to finish his mission. This means Ainsley is in danger as she’s been at the hospital with Jin. Jin finds out that Ainsley filmed his surgery and breaks up with her.


Malcolm still has no idea who Paul really is or how to stop him. Ainsley breaks the story on-air and Jessica is still drinking and wielding a firearm. Oh, and the FBI has taken over and kicked everyone, especially Malcolm off the junkyard killer case.

The winter finale will air Nov 25, skipping next week. See you in two weeks!

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