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Photos From ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Reveal Chris Pine as a Living Steve Trevor

It’s official! The title of the sequel to DC and Warner Brothers Wonder Woman film will be called Wonder Woman 1984. Not only was the official title confirmed Wednesday, but we also know that Diana’s main love interest who supposedly sacrificed himself in the first film, is actually alive.

Patty Jenkins posted the mic-drop of a photo Wednesday morning, showing Chris Pine back in character as Steve Trevor.

The time jumps forward a couple decades for the second film, so we now know for sure that Steve Trevor will be in the film in some shape or form. Did he somehow survive the first film’s explosive crash in the sky? Or maybe this image is simply from a dream sequence where Diana remembers

Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, also tweeted out an image from the film with the hashtag WW84. Her image shows Diana looking thoughtfully into a storefront full of colorful television sets.

The film will also star Kristen Wiig as the film’s villain, Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal.
Wonder Woman 1984
will head to theaters on November 1, 2019.