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‘Outsiders’ Star Kyle Gallner is Ready for New Adventures After Series Cancellation

It’s been three weeks since the season 2 finale episode of Outsiders aired on WGN America.  Just two weeks prior, Tribune Media announced that the series would not be renewed for a third season on the network.  Fans however, along with the cast, crew and studio (Sony) continued to push forward with hopes of the series finding a new home however, just one week after the season 2 finale, it was announced the series would definitely not be continuing.

That news broke the hearts of the Outsiders fan base who had tirelessly organized and fought to try to save the series.  Despite the outcome, the creators, crew and cast made sure the fans knew how appreciative they were of the efforts put forth by the fans.  Throughout the series, pretty much the entire Outsiders cast had been very active and responsive with fans via social media so, it’s no surprise they used that same venue to express their thankfulness.

Series star Kyle Gallner (who played the lovable character of Hasil), took to Instagram to record a special message for fans and to express his gratitude:

“Thank you all for your support. Sony made a good push but unfortunately @outsiderswgn couldn’t find a new home. I am humbled by the support surrounding the show! you all have just the right amount of crazy in ya 😉 The kind of crazy I like…. the kind that sticks something out until the bitter end no matter how beat down you are. You turned the push for this show into a street fight and I guarantee your voices were heard and your presence felt but you can’t win them all. Sadly we lost this one, but I will never forget the love you guys showed us. So thank you! Here’s to the next one 🙂 ged ged ya”

His message was one of positivity and encouragement to look towards the future and new ventures that may come about for the cast.  Before he could move forward however, Gallner had to go through a few changes.  As he pointed out, once again on Instagram, for the first time in over a year and a half, the actor was able to completely shave off his facial hair.   Any trace of a Hasil stache or scruff was gone:

Shaved……first time in about a year and a half. Hasil stache is gone

A post shared by Kyle Gallner (@kylegface) on

But it wasn’t until a few days later that the future officially became the present.  Gallner’s character Hasil and, actually, the rest of the Farrell clan as well, was easily recognizable by his long, flowing locks of hair.  With the series officially behind him, Gallner knew it was time officially say goodbye to the beloved character.  Gallner posted to his social media a photo of himself, probably, again for the first time in a year and a half, sporting a fresh new hair cut.  His message, once again, a positive look towards the future:

“Here’s to new beginnings. I loved playing hasil so much. He was such a great character but it’s time for new adventures!”

So, although it’s not in the cards right now for the Outsiders series to live on, take a page out of Kyle Gallner’s book and, look towards the future, new beginnings and new adventures!  We can’t wait to see what amazing masterpieces Kyle will be a part of next and, who knows what the future may bring.  Maybe, down the road, when the time is right and the stars align, we can go back to Shay Mountain and Outsiders could be resurrected so the series can get the proper ending and send of the show deserves!  Until then, here’s to new adventures!  Ged-GedYah!

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