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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: ‘Our Decay’

Once Upon A Time should just
stick with its villains, because
honestly, they’re the best damn thing about this show. I would watch a
series in a
heartbeat. And although I wasn’t originally a fan of Hades, I think
that his
dynamic with Zelena (yes, she’s
back) was the most interesting thing
about the entire episode. The entire
season, actually. The biggest
problem I
continue having with the show (and subsequently complaining about)
is that it
has a crap ton of
characters, and it doesn’t do anything with them. It’s like
carrying dead
weight on a hike– like, why? Greg
Germann and Rebecca Mader
totally stole the show and stood out to me during
this particular episode.

Did I mention that the
that Mader got to executive
was spot on. I could list all of the awesome
tidbits, but, we must continue
with this review, right? Zelena
finally comes to
her senses and gives her baby up because she realizes that
she can’t protect
her. Seems
that the most evil one of them all is the only one who has got a
brain in
her head after all. The series has
been lacking some sense, and Mader
totally nails it. Spinoff, really. I’m
serious! Oh, and don’t even get me

started on Robin Hood. He wouldn’t even name the baby until he got to know
hmmm… pretty sure parents
don’t know their babies when they first show up and
now he thinks he is
entitled to some quality time?
Totally random. Speaking of
clueless parents, Prince Charming and Snow White
spend the entire episode trying

to talk to their baby on the phone. When the baby can’t even talk… like,
the actual f– anyways.
Emma and Hook are chillin’ in the Underworld and I’m
left wondering what the
heck is this show doing to their

Rumple is the Dark
One again and
Belle is in the Underworld, where they come to an understanding
about him
being the Big Bad… again. How many
times can this man go to hell and
back? My guess is about 5-7 more times.
Belle is pregnant, and I’m still

flabbergasted as to why these people keep having children when they can
protect themselves. Get a
hobby, or use protection? Nah… I guess. It was nice to
see Belle back with
Rumple, even though that whole
relationship has been hit or
miss with me– but I suppose it’s true that she
fell in love with both the beast

and the man behind the beast. For better or worse, right? Rumple without
has been a total bore, so
I welcome his darkness. Shout out to the spinning
wheel, that’s made it way
back to the show.

Another unexpected development
of last night’s episode is that

Dorothy is a warrior, I was so happy to see her holding her own against
who is pretty fricken
scary (and powerful) when she wants to be. Once Upon A
makes up catchphrases that I
can’t seem to be bothered to
learn, but I
think that remember the whole “love of the people” thing will
come in handy
later. Since
they love to bring things up from the past. Unfortunately,
fighting spirit isn’t enough to spot
Zelena from swiping Scarecrow’s
brain for her time-travel spell. Zelena
needs to get to Hades to do some
damage, and she’ll steal brains to do so! Poor Dorothy. Poor Zelena…
needed to hug that
girl as a child.

I really hope
that Zelena defeats Hades. A
kiss perhaps? Who knows at this
point. Is it weird that people are siding
with Hades instead of Zelena… maybe
tad bit. But, I think that’s what makes this episode so special. You are
for the lesser of
evils and the evils are kind of the best right now! More of
them, thanks!
I’m still annoyed with bizarro
Storybrooke, but I guess I’ll suck
it up while we see how things play out.
Doesn’t seem like she can walk
away from
things and this group isn’t one to team up with Zelena. I mean
Zelena isn’t one
to team up with
anyone. Do not double-cross her, there will be Hades to pay (oh,
we hope

If felt like watching
a separate show, because the
plots were so different and
really they didn’t
intertwine that well. Something the show struggles with,
I think in it’s recent
It also seems like everyone is friends, like, let’s just leave our new
with Mother Superior/Blue Fairy
and things will totally be fine. Yeah, no.
I don’t know what the logic here
is but sometimes it makes me
wanna scream. Such
bad parents! Note to OUAT writers: more of the good (aka
the villains like
Zelena and
Hades… and Regina?) and less of the mundane things that don’t make
any sense
and are so dry! You know I love
you, but we might need to break up
soon if you can’t get your acts together.


  • Regina in a hat… nope. Even someone who has
    fashion sense of a doily can say
    that’s a big no-no.
  • Hades’

    storyline is just getting interesting… finally.

  • Charming’s are yawn
    worthy. Please be better. I
    love Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh
    Dallas, and think
    they are being wasted.
  • I think I prefer people ripping out hearts than
  • When’s the Villain
    spinoff happening, because I’d pay
    to see that!


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