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Officer-turned-Vigilante: Evan Roderick talks Nick’s epic return to Season 7 of ‘Arrow’

Becoming a vigilante must be in the fine print of every actors contract when working on the CW’s Arrow, and if we’re being completely honest– Evan Roderick, who plays Nick Anastas, is the perfect candidate to take the plunge into the action-packed world of Oliver Queen. Nick, who is both a lover and a fighter, is not only an officer of the law, but has set down roots with Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) making him a popular symbol for multiple audiences of the series. That coveted moral compass we see in his character and his dedication both on and off screen to the LGBTQ+ community has quickly made Roderick a fan favorite since his introduction into the series.

Season 7 recently premiered on October 15th, and we got a chance to chat with the Canadian actor, who is both humbled and excited about his new ventures on the successful fictional series. From working closely with Dinah Drake to finding out his on-screen boyfriend is Mr. Terrific, we dive deep into Nick’s expertise as law enforcement and what it would be like to join Team Arrow.

MCKENZIE MORRELL: Hi Evan, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for Fan Fest News. Let’s kick things off by having you tell the readers a bit about Nick Anastas on The CW’s Arrow.

EVAN RODERICK: Nick is a patrol officer with the Star City Police Force. He is Dinah Drake’s right hand man and the love interest of Curtis Holt, also known as Mr. Terrific. He is a natural gunslinger, so most of his expertise serves best when involved in heavy action scenes!

MM: The rest of the Star City PD was revealed to be corrupt, and Nick was the one person Dinah could count on. What kind of impact do you think he has had on Dinah’s life?

ER: I think he’s had a huge impact. Moving forward, Dinah is going to need more people to trust. It has been important for her to know she still has someone in the SCPD that she can count on.

MM: Your character is making his mark all over the show, especially where Curtis is concerned… can you talk a little bit about that relationship, what makes it unique and if we can look forward to some more development?

ER: I think the relationship is interesting because Nick and Curtis have found each other and grown closer despite their many differences — especially when it comes to their stances on vigilantism. I believe Nick’s changing stance on vigilantism throughout the last season is a testament to their bond, and to the loyalty and love Curtis has for Nick. Definitely expect to see more of these two!

MM: Can we expect to see some resolution after the fallout of Oliver’s incarceration?

ER: I’m not at liberty to say! All I can say is that I really think it is going to be the best season yet.

MM: With that entire situation, how would you have handled things differently, if at all, if you were in Oliver’s shoes?

ER: I’m not really sure I would have. There are always so many elements at play for him and he truly has the weight of the world on his shoulders. But he also has a great team he can count on and we are all doing our best to set things right for him.

MM: How has the experience been, representing the LGBTQ+ community with your portrayal of this character? Any pressures felt?

ER: It has been great, and especially rewarding when I hear positive feedback about Nick from the LGBTQ+ community. I really focused on making sure that this character wasn’t going to be pigeonholed into any pre-existing stereotypes.

MM: What is something you’re excited for the audience to experience this season?

ER: I’m excited for the audience to see where things have fallen into place. There have been some big hierarchal changes with some characters taking on more responsibility for the team. There are also some new styles of storytelling that we are excited to share!

MM: Who on set is the person you’d go to in the beginning to get tips?

ER: Echo [Kellum] for sure. He is always the guy to give a good pep talk before a scene. He’s very knowledgeable about the industry and has plenty of TV wisdom to share. It has been a fantastic learning experience working alongside him.

MM: If you could play any other character on the show, who would it be and why would you want to play them?

ER: I’d have to say Oliver. He is very conflicted and has a lot of responsibility, as well as so many people to look after. I think all these stressors make him a very interesting character with a lot of depth. I’d love to play that part.

MM: If you had to concoct a donut based on Nick’s personality, what kind of donut would he be, and what kind of toppings would on it?

ER: Honey glazed for sure! No toppings. Reliable and dependable — you know what you’re getting every time and you can’t go wrong!

MM: What are three things the fans might not know about you, but you think they should know?

ER: I love playing guitar and writing songs. I once pursued a career in hockey. I’ve got quite the collection of parking tickets.

MM: Anything else you want to say to the fans, or tease?

ER: I’m just very excited to be a part of this new season of Arrow! I think fans will be very happy with this season.

Arrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.