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Norman Reedus Really Thinks Daryl Needs a Puppy on ‘The Walking Dead’

It’s hard to think of something missing when you think of The Walking Dead. The series has zombies, tigers, and baseball bats covered in barbed wire. It has romance, it has humor, and it has a plot that’s kept viewers watching for 99 episodes.

Okay, so maybe there are some missing things. Things like clean drinking water, a steady supply of food, the ability to shower regugularly, gas for vehicles, and cell phones…we could keep going. However, when the group found solace in Alexandria, they found a way to sustain life comfortably. Even if there are still some luxuries that they go without.

So what’s missing in Norman’s opinion? Puppies! Specifically a puppy for Daryl. In fact, when he brought it up the cast laughed like they’d heard this argument before.

The reason Daryl still isn’t getting that dog? Scott Gimple hates puppies.

Okay so he doesn’t actually hate puppies, but Robert Kirman thinks the focus of the series would shift drastically. Norman shrugged it off, ‘so what’, he said. He’d totally watch a show about puppies and zombies.

However, it seems Gimple and Kirkman just aren’t going to give Daryl that puppy. At least if that video above is anything to go by.

We don’t know about you, but we’d still be paying attention to the characters if there was a cute puppy on screen. Even if we did have to watch the episode more than once.

Norman Reedus Really Thinks Daryl Needs a Puppy on 'The Walking Dead'

Puppies or no puppies, The Walking Dead‘s 8th season premieres on October 22nd on AMC.