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Norman Reedus hit a Daryl Dixon Jackpot in Vegas

If you follow Norman Reedus on Instagram, you know at any given time you’re likely to see fan-made edits of photos and videos, pictures of himself and close friends riding bikes, and peeks into what he does in his time off-set.

One of those looks into Norman’s life recently was a slot machine win, and it just so happened to be a Walking Dead machine and he just so happened to win with Daryl Dixon.

AMC’s Senior Vice President, and Co-Head of Corporate Communications, Jim Maiella, took to Twitter after Norman’s win. He also called celebrity recognition the ‘unheralded star’ of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show was in Vegas until Friday the 12th.

The slot machine, one of many that can be found in Vegas, hit the scene in 2014 by Aristocrat. So if you’re in the city of lights and want to hear that iconic Walking Dead theme song and take a chance at winning some cash, the opportunities are endless.

Don’t forget to be like Norman and record as you play, you never know when that lucky moment is going to happen.

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of season 8 in February, and it was just announced that a 9th season of the series has been confirmed. Along with the confirmation comes a new showrunner, you can read more on that, here.