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Nick Offerman Gave His ‘Parks & Rec’ Cast the Most Ron Swanson Gift

Published on July 17th, 2018 | Updated on July 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

Oh, Nick Offerman you magnificent woodworking musk-ox, you. Throughout Parks and Recreation’s seven-season run on NBC, it became extremely difficult to figure out where Ron Swanson stopped and Nick Offerman began, and even though the series wrapped in 2015, Offerman is still finding ways to make our Ron Swanson hearts soar.

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Recently, Conan O’Brien released a 13-second video of Offerman laughing which will bring you right back to the good ol’ giggling days of Swanson.

He also has his own “Holiday Bunker” which is absolutely something that Ron Swanson would build to escape to when humans annoyed him.

He’s even got his own craft show, Making It!coming out with his Parks & Rec co-star Amy Phoeler.

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So, when Parks and Rec creator Michael Schur shared a photo on Twitter about a present that Offerman had gifted his Pawnee family, it really wasn’t a surprise, but still warmed our hearts enough to cook a nice steak.

Apparently, Offerman salvaged some wood from set once the series wrapped and made everyone these badass canoe paddles that have the Pawnee seal on it!

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When speaking with Vulture magazine back in 2014, Offerman alluded to his plan to take a few things from set, but said that some items were on a do not disclose list.

[row]There’s a couple things. There was a poster for a few years in Ron’s office of a pretty brunette lady holding a plate of breakfast food. I think that poster would look awfully at home at Offerman wood shop. Other than that, I’m going to keep a lid on it so nobody knew that it was me that took it.[/row]

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On top of that, Offerman’s old co-stars even utilize his impeccable skills to this day. Just this past weekend Chris Pratt shared that he had cut down a huge tree on his farm and he was sending it to Offerman’s wood shop in LA so that he can “Ron Swanson the hell out of it and make me the dopest table in history fit for a family of Vikings.”

Basically, Ron Swanson is Nick Offerman and Nick Offerman is Ron Swanson and nothing makes me happier than that fact. Also, would 100% buy that canoe paddle.


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