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New Netflix Series ‘GLOW’ is Getting Glowing Reviews from Critics

Guts, glitter, glory… Are you ready to GLOW?”

Netflix just might have a brand new breakout hit series on its hands with one of the most highly anticipated additions to the streaming network this summer.

The new series GLOW stars Alison Brie and Marc Maron and tells a fictional tale about the once very real world of the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.”  GLOW was a women’s professional wrestling series which first aired in 1986.  Much like wrestling within the WWE (or, at the time it was the WWF), the female wrestlers would play characters or personas and battle against each other until one winner was victorious.

The official synopsis for the series is as follows:

“GLOW tells the fictional story of Ruth Wilder (Brie), an out-of-work, struggling actress in 1980s Los Angeles who finds one last chance for stardom when she’s thrust into the glitter and spandex world of women’s wrestling. In addition to working with 12 Hollywood misfits, Ruth also has to compete with Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin) a former soap actress who left the business to have a baby, only to be sucked back into work when her picture perfect life is not what it seems. And at the wheel is Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron), a washed-up, B-movie director who now must lead this group of women on the journey to wrestling stardom.”

On a personal note, I can’t wait to see this series!  I am having total nostalgia right now since I remember watching GLOW with my brothers.  We used to watch the matches with characters such as Big Bad Mama, Roxy Astor and Matilda the Hun.  GLOW was comical and entertaining and, based on the trailer, it certainly looks like Netflix is going to do the original series justice.  Check out the trailer below:

Many news outlets have had the opportunity to screen a portion of the series and, so far, the reviews are overwhelmingly and positively GLOWing.  Check out some quotes below:

Variety: “A delightful collection of idiosyncrasies and backstories that is each identically desperate for recognition. … Much like this era in women’s wrestling, it is glorious and weird and different, and goes by way too quickly. At least with Netflix’s “GLOW,” we can hope for more.”

The Hollywood Reporter: “GLOW is sometimes funny, sometimes emotional and anchored by a strong, ego-free performance by Alison Brie, improving across the full 10-episode first season sent to critics.”

Deadline: “Like the sleight-of-hand moves that anyone who’s ever watched WrestleMania knows so well, the Alison Brie- and Marc Maron-led ensemble delivers big-picture pile-drivers on gender roles, Hollywood sexism, reinvention in the City of Angels and finding yourself in ways you never expected. … both Brie and Maron are excellent.”

Entertainment Weekly: “Netflix’s GLOW is unlike any show I’ve ever seen. I love it so much; it made me laugh, cry, think, and pump my fists in the air screaming, ‘YESYESYES!'”

Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that!  This series just might be your next binge-able obsession.

The series is executive produced by Liz Flahive (Homeland, Nurse Jackie), Carly Mensch (Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie), Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black, Weeds) and Tara Herrmann (Orange is the New Black).

GLOW will premiere on Netflix this Friday, June 23rd!  In the mean time, check out the awesome featurette below and go behind the scenes with cast interviews and new footage from the series.

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