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New ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer has surfaced

Disney-Pixar has released a new trailer for the long-awaited sequel to Finding Nemo; Finding Dory. Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks have returned to their classic roles of Marlin and Dory. They will also be joined by a series of guest stars, including Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy, who will be voicing Dory’s parents.

Finding Dory will pick up six months from where Finding Nemo left off, with Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) living a quiet life among the clown fish and friends. After going with Nemo on a class trip to see manta rays migrate back home, her home sickness leads the forgetful Dory on a quest to find where she came from.

“The movie will be mostly set at the California Marine Biology Institute, a huge complex of sea life rehabilitation and aquarium, where Dory was born and raised,” Pixar President Jim Morris stated previously, in an interview. “We will get to meet new characters, like an octopus, sea lions, a beluga whale, among others.”

Check out the trailer below:


In a recent interview with Entertainment WeeklyEllen Degeneres talked about how she felt going from a supporting cast member, to the main star in the upcoming Pixar flick:

“It’s not that I felt pressure about it, but it gave me more to do with the acting. I mean, she’s funny, but she’s obviously very relatable, which is why people like Dory so much. She’s trying to find her family, and she is very emotional about wanting to belong, and I think that is easy for anybody to relate to. Whatever you define family as, family is just a part of belonging to something that takes care of you and nurtures you … and when you have lost that, and you want to get that back, it’s pretty easy to get emotional about it.”

Are you excited for Finding Dory?

Finding Dory swims into theaters on June 17, 2016.

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