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Netflix’s Fan Theories: Do ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ Exist in the Same Universe?

Two of the greatest shows of all time may have more in common than just the network on which they aired.  While fans have speculated for some time that there is a connection between AMC’s hit shows Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, evidence of any such link has been few and far between.  Last week, however, Netflix published a video on their YouTube account piecing together some evidence that seems just too perfect to be a coincidence.

Netflix’s Fan Theories brings to light four possible connections which could potentially link the two shows not only as being within the same universe but, as possibly being prequels and sequels to each other.  Do Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead take place in the same fictional universe?  Is it possible that Walter White’s Blue Sky Meth led to the apocalyptic world in which we find Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Glenn Rhee and the rest of our TWD Family?  Check out the video and then let’s break down each theory in review:

Mind blown yet?  Let’s take a further look at the evidence:

  • The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2 – “Bloodletting” – We see a bag of what appears to be blue meth amidst Merle Dixon’s drug stash.  Is this Walter White’s creation?  If so, that seems like pretty solid and tangible evidence right there that the two shows exist within the same universe.  However, this could very easily be something else completely so, we still need some more to go on.d7c311ba2877c2cd3f2a415af745271d
  • Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 2 – “Thirty-Eight Snub”- Walter White buys his son, Walt Jr., a red Dodge sports car with black racing stripes.  Coincidentally (or perhaps not so coincidentally), this car is strikingly similar to the car which Glenn stole in order to lure away the walkers in Season 1, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead.  Not convinced yet?  Back to Breaking Bad, when Walter White tries to return the car, the employee from the dealership, named Glenn (iiiiiiinteresting!), won’t allow him to do so without paying a restocking fee.  Walter White blows up the car instead.  Perhaps, Glenn had a life before his pizza delivery days and, this incident stuck with Glenn as such, leading him to be drawn to that specific car after the apocalypse outbreak.  If this theory sounds plausible to you then, that officially places a character from The Walking Dead within the Breaking Bad universe and storyline.e_the-walking-dead-y-breaking-bad
  • The Walking Dead – Merle’s Drug Dealer – Long before Daryl Dixon’s “Easy Street” days, he was still getting to know our group of survivors and told them about Merle’s drug dealer; “A jaggy little white guy who Daryl quotes as saying, ‘I’m going to kill you, bitch.'”  Doesn’t this sound like Jesse Pinkman, Walter White’s sidekick?  Sure does!!  And we all know that ‘bitch’ was certainly one of his most favorite words to use.  If this sounds plausible to you, then this places a character from Breaking Bad on The Walking Dead as well!

  • Zombies/Walkers on Breaking Bad – This one is a stretch but, the theory suggest that Gus Fring, after taking some of Walter White’s Blue Sky Meth, was the first walker of the apocalypse.  I mean, as the video suggests, he was literarily walking around with half his face blown off so, could he have been the first member of the walking dead?  Possibly!


We agree, some of this is a stretch, ok, all of it is a stretch but, it’s fun to theorize how two of our favorite shows could be connected and, perhaps, could answer our burning question, ‘What actually caused The Walking Dead apocalypse?’

So, it’s time for YOU to weigh in.  What do you think of the theories discussed in the Netflix Fan Theories video?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


Source: Entertainment Weekly


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