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Netflix Subscribers Say No to Promos!

Is Netflix giving us more than we want? Known best for providing their subscribers with uninterrupted entertainment, the streaming giant has chosen to place an intruder amidst our enjoyment. Now appearing between the once non-stop flow of episodes are 10-20 second promotional videos. Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran had this to say…

“We have been looking at ways to insert rich video into our experiences for several years. These video promos are actually personalized recommendations for titles we think a member may enjoy watching. In this particular case, we are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster.” – Source: NY Times

This isn’t the first time Netflix has made modifications though. In fact, they run hundreds of tests that have shown up as useful features for subscribers, while others may go completely unnoticed. This latest test for promotional videos has actually been years in the making. It is not until a test proves successful that the change is made permanent.

“Netflix said that it was interested in hearing from customers about its experiments but that it would ultimately be ‘looking at their behavior within the service’.” – Source: NY Times

The problem Netflix now faces is that their users simply don’t like having to sit through what they consider ‘commercials’. Several subscribers even took to social media to voice their complaints, some threatening to cancel their subscription altogether.

Will this feature become a permanent fixture for Netflix? Time will tell. I happen to be ok with seeing these short promos provided they 1) remain short 2) allow me to skip and 3) never turn into an advertisement. The good news is that subscribers will determine this new feature’s fate. Has seeing one of these promos enticed you to watch a new show or do they only serve as an annoyance to your viewing pleasure? Let us know at Fan Fest News.

Source: NY Times