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Milo Ventimiglia Feels like he’s “Arrived Into Complete Adulthood”

Fans of This Is Us felt especially spoiled by the 2017 Emmys as the cast of the series we’ve come to love got to speak about the series, what to expect in its second season, and a bit about their personal lives as well.

One of those conversations came between Milo Ventimiglia and an interviewer where he spoke about turning 40 this July and what’s changed for him since then.

Since celebrating his 40th, he feels like he’s come into himself as an adult, and more than just the age on his cake made that happen.

I feel like I’ve arrived into complete adulthood.

He went on to say that his sister bought him an ‘over the hill’ hat to celebrate with, and he absolutely loved it. In addition, he talked about what he felt like he’s learned up to this point as well, and well – what he’s figured out is that he’s still learning.

I think I’m old enough to know I’m not young enough to think I know everything. Back then I was like, ‘I know that.’ Now I’m like, ‘I don’t know that. I’m going to learn that. I’m going to take my time. I’m going to stretch.’ There’s always something to learn.’

Milo is as inspirational off camera as he is as Jack Pearson, and while we want to cherish him in the role forever, season 2 of This Is Us will bright to light how he passes away and, while Mandy Moore says he’s still very much the heart of the series, we know his death will change everything.

So, until the premiere on September 26th, you can rewatch some of your favorite This Is Us episodes to prepare you for what’s to come. That’s what we’ll be doing!