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Last week Secret Life of Pets made its grand debut into theaters, after months of anticipation. What are our pets doing at home while we go to work during the day? Are they watching funny human videos on Youtube? (I guarantee you, my dog has an entire channel somewhere of my most klutzy moments). Are they out catching Pokemon of their own?

Truth is, we don’t really know what our pets are doing at home when we are not there… or at least what they are thinking when we are not home. Statistics show that one in five homes across the world is accompanied by an animal companion. Here at Fan Fest News, we actually have some animal companions of our very own, and we are more than happy to introduce them to you

Jules, Sawyer, Charlotte and Charlie

frazier pups



These are the pups of James Frazier, our Editor and CEO of Fan Fest! From left to right, Jules, Sawyer, Charlotte and Charlie! James also has a Belgian Malinois/Shepherd pup named Chief.




Sammy, otherwise known as Samuel Shamus O’ Poo, or the fluffiest cloud to ever live, belongs to the VP of Operations of Fan Fest and also the Director of Visual Media!




Posie was actually recently a star on our June 24th episode of The Nightly Nerd, so be sure to check out this adorable pup’s performance! Posie is the beloved pooch of editor-in-chief, Shannon! Isn’t she cute as a button!?

Hudson the Cat


Hudson the Cat (yes full name). Gets his name from the movie Aliens and his favorite Pearl Jam song is “Elderly Woman Behind A Counter In A Small Town”. Hudson is the beloved kitty of writer Kevin Carey!

Soot Rex

unnamed (1)

Soot, my beloved German Shepherd recently celebrated his 3rd birthday on July 5th! He is trained in German and his favorite treats are Peanut Butter, Hot Dogs, and Beggin’ Strips. His favorite activity is chasing balls… and stealing my shoes.


unnamed (2)

Samantha is 8 years old and loves her momma with all of her heart! Samantha is the beloved kitty of writer Denise Caputo!


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.35.49 PM

Logan is 6 years old and loves sleeping and getting pet. Doesn’t believe in fetch. Logan is the beloved doggie of writer Briana Martinez!



This is Luna the kuni kuni pig and she is a ‘dog’, although her favourite food is cat biscuits so we can probably agree she is a bit confused. This sweet face is owned by writer Clary Stein!



Hi! I’m Alder! Some of my favorite activities include running, swimming class III whitewater (I’m a badass) and covering myself in mud.  My mom is under the impression that sleeping on the floor is a thing, I’m under the impression that we’re in this together and I get half her bed.  Some of my favorite foods include popcorn, popcorn and carrots.  One day I hope to – SQUIRREL, SQUIRREL! My mom is a writer here, and her name is Mary Haley!

Ragnar and Zever


Ragnar (black) has been a part of his mom’s life since he was 8 weeks old. He is a year and a half now, he is the biggest derp ever! He loves to chew up everything and sleep in the bed like a human, head on pillow covered up to his shoulders. Ragnar is nothing like the viking he is named after, he is more court jester than viking king, so lovable though. Zever (tan) was just adopted on the 2nd of July, she is the most lovable girl and would be content to cuddle as long as you will allow it. She is around two and half to four years old. Both of them smash the “mean pitbull” stereotype, they just like any animals only needed a good home and lots of love. These beloved pooches are members of our writer Kyle Schlaack’s family!

Iggy and Simon


Iggy (calico) was the first member of her family’s zoo. She was adopted when she was about four months old she is about eight years old now. She enjoys naps, playing with little pieces of garbage that she finds anyplace, and pretending dogs don’t exist. Simon (gray) is five years old and was the second to join the crew when he was about nine months old. He was sick when he was just over a year old, but with lots of love and vet care he is the best cat ever. These kitties are also member’s of writer Kyle Schlaack’s family!



Lucy is 3 years old and loves jumping boxes and playing with toys. One of her favorite toys is a a catnip zombie her mom acquired from WSC Atlanta! When she is not playing she enjoys lounging in the window watching birds and nibbling on treats.

Patrick, Tut and Quinn

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

Patrick, Tut and Quinn are all rescue kitties! They’re all extremely loveable and they loooovve playing ‘chase’ with their mouse toy! They love playing with their ‘big kid’ brother, Jackson! These kitties are at home with writer Sarah Leonard!



Sabrina is an extremely loveable poodle who LOVES cuddles with her mom! Sabrina’s favorite activities include cuddling, dressing up for the holidays, and treats! Sabrina will be turning 15 on August 20th! Sabrina’s mom is writer, Amanda Gurnari!

Maggie and Beth


Maggie (tabby) and Beth (white and tan) are a little over a year old and enjoy sleeping. Can you guess which show is these two sisters favorite?! Writer Alyssa Tieman loves these kitties with all of her heart!

Rocky and Chico

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Rocky, is a great dane/dalmatian mix. He’s 4 years old and thinks he is the size of a lap dog. He loves snuggles, playtime and goes crazy when you walk in the door. Rocky’s older brother, Chico, is 10 year old Toy Fox Terrier. He is part chihuahua and his personality SHOWS it. He loves laying in the sun year round and is a complete Mama’s boy. He only has eyes for my Mom! Rocky and Chico live at home with their mommy, writer Estefania Juncal!



Look at that adorable face!! Onyx is a beautiful collie mix, who loves cuddles! His ‘brother’ is writer Maxime!

Lucy and Leo


Lucy (cream colored) is 5 years old and Leo is 6! They are the adorable, beloved pets of Walker Stalker and Heroes and Villains Panel/Floor Manager, Hacksaw Jack!!

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