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Marvel Might Be Worried About Dave Bautista’s Behavior! Will He Be Cancelled Next!?

Published on July 4th, 2021 | Updated on July 4th, 2021 | By FanFest

Everyone loves Dave Bautista! He was absolutely hilarious as Drax The Destroyer in the Guardians Of The Galaxy film! In fact, many people think the former WWE star should become a comedian! Okay, not really… but still! But, Marvel might be worried about Dave Bautista’s behavior! Not in real life but on social media!

Bautista is an imposing guy! You can tell just from looking at interviews and his Twitter feed that he doesn’t take crap from anyone. He’ll call out anyone, including The Rock and John Cena! Dave Bautista doesn’t have time for this shit!

Apparently, Marvel is concerned about some of the tweets and stuff he’s been retweeting lately. WeGotThisCovered claims that insider, Daniel Richtman, is the one who knows what’s going on! Marvel hasn’t said anything, but in this age of cancel culture, anything is possible.

To me, personally, it seems like Bautista is saying all of the right things! After all, he’s literally condemning white supremacists? How can you possibly argue with that? But, it’s possible something might be taken the wrong way?

It’s getting more and more dangerous for celebrities to share their opinions on social media. It’s possible we’re entering an age where contracts include some kind of clause to keep quiet on political and social issues.

That would certainly be concerning.

At any rate, we hope Bautista doesn’t get in trouble or get canceled. I can only speak for myself but after looking over his social media feed, he hasn’t said a damn thing I wouldn’t have said myself. I think Bautista’s a stand-up guy.

Honestly, things are starting to blur on whether or not celebrities should use their platforms to talk about social and political issues. Literally, anything can get you cancelled these days, so at least be careful, Bautista!

Marvel might be worried about Dave Bautista’s behavior! We’re not though!

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