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Lucius Fox Shows his True Sarcastic Self in this New Extended ‘Gotham’ Trailer

We are slowly creeping closer the Thursday which means we are getting closer to the point we will see the insanity unfold in Gotham City. Yesterday we already showed you that Scarecrow is back and ready to bring fear to the city. Today, however, the official Gotham Facebook brought us another trailer. This one gives us another extended view of what is to come.

Let’s break this trailer up in pieces and discuss the new information we got out of it. First of all, we have a look at how Bruce is starting out on the streets of Gotham. The moment they made him stand on top of the building (at 1:55), overlooking the streets of Gotham, made me feel so proud that they put that in there. Aren’t they pushing it forward a bit too fast though? Although we love to see it happen soon enough, there is still some voice telling me to hope it’ll come to the end of the season. But I don’t think

Part two that we need to discuss, and that made me squeal like a little girl, is the part follows closely to that rooftop scene. Scarecrow is on the hunt and it seems he has found his first victim. Is that Penguin that we see? Or are our eyes deceiving us? Also, later in the trailer, we see that Jim Gordon is subjected to the same fate and will go through some intense hallucinations of the fear toxin.

Can we stop for a moment and smile at Victor Zsasz who has a big smile and sais, ‘hot damn, it’s like Christmas!’.

Selina Kyle, how badass you turned out to be. The moment we see men surround her, we are begging she knows what she’s doing. Of course, she is, because she’s slowly creeping to the point that she’s Catwoman. She proves that when she’s balancing herself at the edge of the building… in heels. I already have a hard time being up a building, or walking down the street in heels. Leave alone balancing off of the side of a building!

Also, we get a piece of Lucius Fox’s sarcasm we saw in the Dark Knight trilogies. When asking if Bruce has been in a fight, Alfred has the perfect response that Bruce went rock climbing. Of course, that is something Lucius Fox doesn’t believe. Because he returns to it when saying the suit is bulletproof, you know, for when he goes rock climbing again.

POSSIBLE MAJOR SPOILERWe have seen another part of the trailer that not everyone wants to know. We warned you.

We saw Barbara Kean, alive and well, with white hair. It raises a lot of questions at what this means. With the electricity and the white hair, we immediately thing Harley Quinn. But in my head, it just seems impossible. She is Barbara Kean, not Harleen Quinzel. But we do know that she has another purpose now. Will she take revenge? Or will she be back to ‘normal’? We don’t think the last part at all, but anything is possible in this season of Gotham.

Gotham returns this Thursday on Fox! Don’t miss out; it’s going to be one impressive season.

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