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Let’s Talk That Captain America and Thanos ‘Infinity War’ Scene

One of the most talked about scenes in MCU trailer history is from Avengers: Infinity War‘s last trailer. Captain America is seen holding Thanos off with sheer strength and determination alone. While some felt it was a bit exaggerated, the majority of fans enjoyed the clip. In fact, it’s a moment we’re looking forward to in the most bittersweet way.

If you’ve read the Infinity Gauntlet comics, you know the outcome of that moment. If you haven’t – well, we won’t get into that. What we will say is that we know Chris Evans has talked about hanging up the shield, and it’ll probably be sooner than later.

When we saw Steve inches away from Thanos’ fist, we couldn’t help but think of what would happen if those were his last moments. We couldn’t help but think of who it would hit the hardest.


Bucky, of course, would face a great uncertainty. Yes, there were periods of their lives when they lost one another, but even when Bucky Barnes was full on 100% the Winter Soldier, some tie to who he was before always existed. It was an emotional connection to his true self and to Steve Rogers. Bucky is with Steve till the end of the line, but even at over 100, they deserve a longer line.

The two were best friends before they became soldiers, in their respective ways. Their bond is one that spans time and honestly, life itself. It would crush us to see what reality he faces without the one person who knows him best because he’s the one person who knew him before all of this.

While he’d survive the loss, it would shape him into a new version of himself. As he’s finally found a sense of peace in Wakanda, we think he deserves some uncomplicated happiness. That includes catching up Steve Rogers, the kid from Brooklyn, and the guy who saved his life.


Falcon got ‘back in’ because Captain America needed him. Maybe their friendship hasn’t existed for years and years, but it was born in an incredible way. From there, the two became one in a lot of ways. Sam Wilson was willing to help Steve Rogers on his most important mission – finding Bucky – even when those he’d known for years didn’t quite understand it.

His respect for Captain America allowed him to become the perfect wing man, no pun intended. Falcon stands tall on his own but a lot of his story is woven into that of Captain America and the two make the perfect pair.

Losing Steve would take a toll on Sam. While we think he’d be the first to ‘step up’ in terms of the loss, we know it would hit him hard. He wouldn’t let it show, he’d be too busy making sure everyone else was okay…because that’s what Cap himself would have done. They’ve become best friends and a place of refuge for one another when they needed it. Not having that, would leave a lasting scar.


Iron Man and Cap have certainly seen things from opposite ends of the spectrum lately. While they still have a common goal in mind, their approach to it is very different. That, and the distrust that was born from Civil War have led them to a rocky set up now.

In terms of Infinity War, they’re not on the same page. Even though two years have spanned, things haven’t exactly needed to be fixed so they’ve not worked towards a solution. However, with Thanos’ evil threatening the universe, they’ll have a common goal again – to stop the villain.

If Cap were to die at the hands of Thanos, Iron-Man would feel that loss in a mirage of ways. They’ve been at this for so long and even when they ran into times of disagreement, a respect existed between the two of them. Cap has been there for most steps in Tony’s time as Iron-Man. Even with the depth of the wound left by Steve knowing that Bucky killed Tony’s parents – his loss would likely cause a ripple effect in Tony’s life. It would be a negative one at that.

Black Widow

The two reached a new level of friendship in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and their understanding for one another only grew from there. She’s a girl comfortable on her own, no one can deny that.

Losing someone who did manage to break through her tough outer shell would be hard, especially when that someone could be Steve Rogers. Steve is inherently good, so much so that he inspires the best in those around him even when they aren’t aware it’s happening. He brought out a side of her that she probably thought was lost, and while it’s still a largely untapped side, we expect to see his contribution to her persona more in Black Widow’s solo film. We imagine she’d be able to look back on their time together fondly but deal with his death more inwardly than anyone else.

The Fans

It’s hard to imagine Captain America as anyone but Steve Rogers, and that’s in large because of Chris Evans. His indescribable portrayal of the character is due to that immensely good heart of his own. Losing Steve Rogers would be a monumental loss for fans across the world.

We aren’t dense enough to think that we’ll have Steve as Captain America forever, but we do hope we have him around in some capacity for a while to come. He inspires his fans both on screen and out of theaters. You can see it on social media platforms and you can see it in the hearts of Captain America fans in your own lives.

Although we know it’s coming, one way or another, we’re still holding out hope that it doesn’t end in his death.

Yes, you could argue that Steve wouldn’t be able to put down the shield if he knew the world would still need Captain America. However, if he knew that shield was in the right hands, we think he could step back. Think an end like the letter to Tony Stark in Civil War.

‘If you need me, I’ll be there’

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.