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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Terms of Service’

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Terms of Service’

Neron and Tabitha (as Ray and the Fairy Godmother) have been reunited and it’s time to enact the next phase of their plan. The Fairy Godmother is tied to Gary, which means she has to do everything he wishes. She manipulates him into making wishes that target the Legends, dragging Sara, Ava, and Nora into a book club gathering with Gary. From there, Gary wishes to be the new captain of the Waverider. He, Sara, and Ava disappear, but the fairy leaves Nora behind. She says that Nora is a fellow witch and doesn’t deserve whatever Gary is going to put the others through. Something definitely isn’t right as the Fairy Godmother even takes her right to Mona, who is being tortured by Ray and the Bureau.

Ray is working to collect souls so that he can become the new king of the underworld, which involves having people sign up for a new app and accepting the terms of service. Nobody ever reads those, except Zari, and that means they are signing their soul over to the demon. Thanks to Gary wishing that the boys join him, Sara, and Ava on the Waverider, it’s up to Zari and Charlie to interfere in Ray’s plan. The demon wants to scare the populace into downloading his app and plans to release the minotaur in order to create that fear. Together, the two stage a jailbreak with Charlie leading the charge. Zari is calling the shots from a distance, but Ray and the Fairy Godmother catch on. The magical creatures are transported to the Waverider, but when Charlie goes back for Mona, she is taken captive.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'Terms of Service'
Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Meanwhile, Constantine makes his way through hell, eventually ending up in a meeting with the Triumvirate. They offer him a choice. He can either save Ray’s soul, or Astra’s. Still haunted by ruining the young girl’s life, Constantine chooses to save her instead. Turns out she doesn’t want to be saved anymore as she suddenly ages up. Astra has spent years in hell and has grown to accept her fate, embracing her dark side. So now Constantine has lost Ray and Astra, but help is accidentally sent his way thanks to Gary.

Gary spends the episode being the absolute worst and getting his revenge for being taken advantage of by Ava and the Legends. He’s egged on by the Fairy Godmother, but she splits when Nora calls upon her. The Legends are then able to convince Gary that they are incredibly sorry for treating him that way. Sara says that they are all losers, which is why they were chosen by Rip. Gary doesn’t have to be someone special in order to be a Legend. He just has to be himself. At the Bureau, Nora asks the Fairy Godmother to save Mona, who is severely wounded. The Godmother tells her that she can’t do it, but Nora can if she becomes Mona’s fairy. Nora takes the bait and becomes the fairy godmother, but the evil witch lied and Nora is still tied to Gary, which means her magic won’t work unless Gary wishes it. He calls for his Fairy Godmother, and then not realizing that it’s now Nora, wishes that she travel to hell and help Constantine save Ray. Just like that, Nora is gone.

'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap 'Terms of Service'
Legends of Tomorrow/The CW

Everything is a mess and now Neron and Tabitha are as powerful as ever. Next week’s season finale is going to be a crazy one and I can’t wait to see how they manage to get themselves out of this mess.

The Season 4 finale of Legends of Tomorrow is entitled ‘Hey, World!’

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