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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Recap ‘Helen Hunt’

Published on November 15th, 2017 | Updated on November 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

Legends of Tomorrow Recap ‘Helen Hunt’

Hollywood, 1930s, and Helen of Troy has started yet another war.

On the Waverider, Ray, Jax, and Stein are working on how to split up Firestorm. Ray thinks that he can transfer the matrix part of Stein into Jax, making it so that they don’t need each other anymore. Naturally, it backfires. There’s an explosion and when Jax and Stein get up, they realize that they’ve switched bodies.

The Legends learn of Helen’s arrival in Hollywood and set out to return her to her own time. It’s an easy mission, one that can help them get back into the groove of things following the Darhk disaster last week. Nate, Amaya, and Zari head to the studio to do a bit of observing, but things are already bad between Cecile DeMille and Eddie Rothberg, who both want Helen exclusively for their movie. Helen ends up leaving Cecile’s set and going with Eddie.

The Legends then infiltrate a fancy Hollywood party and try and extract Helen. The boys are completely useless as any look from Helen makes them lose all focus. So it’s up to Sara, Amaya, and Zari to get Helen away from her security detail. Zari hits her with some wind, making her spill her drink all over herself. When she leaves to clean it up, they follow. They ask Helen to come with them because she doesn’t belong in this time. Helen doesn’t want to return to her time where everyone is killing each other. She is finally free.

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The ladies follow Helen back to the party where they find her talking to her agent and it’s none other than Damien Darhk. And he’s not alone; Eleanor and Kuasa are with him. Damien asks for a private word with Sara, saying that he wants to strike a deal with her. He offers her the chance to save the team’s lives. If they return to 2017 and stop fixing anachronisms, he’ll let them all live. Sara doesn’t have any time to answer because the boys start a fight over Helen back at the party.

Back on the ship, Sara decides that she, Amaya, and Zari are gonna be the ones to extract Helen. The boys get to stay behind because they can’t act stop themselves from acting like idiots around her. They head out, and infiltrate Eddie’s house by claiming they are delivering his prime horse. Once in the house, they kindly ask Helen to come with them and she once more refuses. She doesn’t want to go back to men who are killing each other over her. That’s when Cecile appears on the property and a gunfight breaks out between the two warring sides. Sara protects Helen while Zari and Amaya stop the two sides killing each other. Helen is incredibly impressed by their abilities, thinking that they’ve been blessed by the gods.

They get back to the Waverider and are about to take off when they realize that something is incredibly wrong. Jax (as Stein) tells them that it’s like parts are disappearing from the ship. The comms are down, as is Gideon. They’re sitting ducks. Stein (as Jax) tells them that he talked to actress Hedy Lamarr at the Hollywood party and her future changed because of Helen’s arrival. Because Hedy took a job at Warner Bros., she didn’t go on to invent Frequency-Hopping. Since inventions build upon one another, her contributions cause a lot of other technological advances to not happen. Sara orders Stein to go back out and get Hedy back on track.

Stein convinces her to go to Cecile and get her job back when they run into Damien and Eleanor. Damien is about to kill Stein when he realizes that he is in Jax’s body. His break to laugh at the ridiculousness gives them time to run away. They hide in a prop house, but Eleanor can sense them. Stein orders Hedy to run while he distracts the villainous duo. He is instantly caught by Damien. Damien is about to kill him when Sara, Mick, Nate, Jax, and Ray appear. Sara orders Damien to let Stein go, saying that his fight is with her. She grabs two swords, handing one to Damien, and says that they should settle it League style. Just swords, no magic.

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They engage in a fight and Eleanor is about to interfere when Mick shoots a fire blast at her. She stops it. Ray shoots at her and she stops that too. She shoots the energy back at Mick, Nate, and Ray, knocking them to the ground. Stein and Jax are trying to figure out how they can help the team, but they’re afraid to merge. They don’t know if they’ll make matters even worse. Hedy suggests that if they do merge, their cells might realign.

Sara wins the fight against Damien, but he’s not one to play fair. He promised not to use magic, but he didn’t say anything about Eleanor. Sara is about to die when Eleanor is hit by a fire blast. Enter FireStein. He and Eleanor engage in a test of strength as she blocks his next attack. Stein tells Jax that he doesn’t think he can keep it up anymore, but Jax tells him that he knows he can do it. Stein is stronger than he thinks. He increases his attack and Eleanor starts losing ground. Damien steps in, but their power isn’t enough. They’re forced to flee. Stein and Jax separate and are back in their bodies, but Sara is in bad shape.

During all of this, Amaya and Zari are back on the Waverider with Helen when they’re attacked by Kuasa. Kuasa knocks Zari out, then engages in a fierce fight with Amaya. She reveals to her that she is in fact her Granddaughter. Amaya is in shock and Kuasa is about to do some serious damage when Helen appears out of nowhere and stabs Kuasa with a knife Amaya gave her. Kuasa dissolves into water and disappears.

The Waverider has come back online now that Hedy’s life is back on track. Sara is placed in a coma so that her injuries can heal, but she’s going to be okay. Zari is tasked with returning Helen to Troy, and Helen once more pleads not to go back there. She wonders why, if they are the goods guys, they would return her to a terrible time. This hits Zari because she was in the same position but was given the option to get away. When Zari takes Helen back in time, she doesn’t take her to Troy. According to the history book, Helen disappeared during the war and was never seen again. Zari has found a loophole in time. So instead of Troy, Zari drops her off at an island filled with warrior women where Helen will finally be free: Themyscira.

I cannot believe that Legends dropped the massive Wonder Woman Easter Egg, but I am so happy they did. It was amazing.

I’m interested to see what is going on with our villains this season. We didn’t learn too much from Damien besides the fact that the Legends cleaning up time is messing with their plans. I can’t believe he really expected them to back down. He probably didn’t, but I guess it was nice of him to put the offer on the table. The Legends had it right that Damien would probably hunt them down in 2017 anyway. I also want to know what Eleanor’s powers actually are because she is crazy strong.

The acting this week from Franz Drameh and Victor Garber was incredible. They did such a good job channeling their counterpart and it really was like they had switched bodies. I’m going to miss Garber so much.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’

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