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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Terms of Service’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview ‘Terms of Service’

Well, if you ever wanted an easy way to take over the world, this is how you’d do it. Now that Neron has completely taken over Ray, he is using his smarts and name in order to launch an app that condemns the souls of everyone who downloads it to hell. Because who ever actually reads the terms of service? The only person who would probably read the whole thing through is Ray. I agree with Mick: “We’re toast.” It’s up to Charlie, Nate, and Zari to figure out how to stop Ray from enslaving everyone.

Meanwhile, Constantine is making his way through the underworld in search of Ray’s soul. It was a little surprising that he gave himself over so quickly in order to save Ray considering how conceited Constantine is, but I think he feels responsible for what happened. If he and Nora had only told Ray what they were planning, Ray might not’ve run in and distrupted their banishing of Neron. Constantine has come to think of the Legends as family, though will never admit it, and Ray has always been a good friend to him. I think Constantine is also trying to use this to help soothe the guilt he feels for losing Astra. Before everything is said and done, I think Constantine will have to come face-to-face with the little girl he accidently sent to hell.

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