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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Preview ‘Hell No, Dolly!’

Legends of Tomorrow Preview ‘Hell No, Dolly!’

The Legends are off to New Orleans to catch a serial killer, but everything is not as it seems. “Horror Movie 101,” says Sara as the team encounters dolls that come to life and are determined to kill. Witchcraft, voodoo, and who knows what else will be involved in this week’s chilling episode. I’m surprised this one didn’t air the week of Halloween.

We’re still a tad bit aimless as we approach the mid-season finale in terms of a main antagonist. It was heavily implied that whatever demon is hunting Constantine would end up being the season baddie, but there’s been no mention of that in weeks. Not that it’s bad staying with the mystical being of the week formula, it’s just surprising that there hasn’t been anything more. There was also the seed planted of Hank’s Operation Hades. Perhaps the mid-season finale will shine more light on that, possibly bringing it to the Legends’ attention. Nate won’t be too happy to know that his dad has been using them and the Time Bureau. I’m wondering if he, Ava, Mona, and Gary might end up launching a prison break. That would get all four of them and Nora on the Waverider for the reason of the season. This season’s been fun so far and there is a lot of potential moving into the back half. I’m excited to see what else is in store.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs Monday nights at 9 PM ET on The CW.