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Kurt Sutter Shares His Vision For the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Prequel

Sons of Anarchy fans have known about Kurt Sutter’s vision to create a prequel based on the First Nine – the original nine charter members who started ‘Sons of Anarchy’ after returning home from Vietnam –  for quite some time. As Sons began wrapping up, fans weren’t quite ready to say goodbye and that’s when the idea of the prequel first started making its rounds and even though it hasn’t yet come to fruition that hasn’t stopped Sutter from wanting to bring it to life.

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While speaking with EW about his upcoming Sons spinoff, Mayans MC, Sutter echoed just what First Nine would look like and it already sounds incredible.

[row]”It would be a one-off called First Nine. It’ll begin in Vietnam with John [Teller] and Piney (played by William Lucking in Sons). There will be one episode for each guy who joins the first nine. That’s what I want to do.”[/row]

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Sutter has also spoken of his plans to someday release John Teller’s manuscript ‘The Life and Death of Sam Crow’ that acted as a huge framing device for the early seasons of Sons of Anarchy. While he had originally planned on releasing it after the Sons series finale in 2014, the potential for a First Nine prequel made him rethink his decision.

[row]”I felt like to put out that manuscript with his history before that aired was going to handcuff me too much. I didn’t want to step on what I could possibly do with that and yet I didn’t want to counter any kind of mythology that I put there. My plan is now to wait until we do the prequel and then put it out because then we’ll see the end of the prequel will see John Teller start to produce that manuscript or at least the process in beginning the writings,” Sutter said in a Facebook live in 2014.[/row]

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Mayans MC

When the time did finally come to dive back into the Sons universe though, both Sutter and FX knew that Mayans MC was the way to go.

[row]”As far as a new series, the Mayans made the most sense. We started talking about it more seriously, but FX CEO John Landgraf and I both knew that we didn’t want to do it right on the heels of SOA. We wanted to let it breathe for a couple of years. As I finished doing post [production] on the last season of Sons, I began the writers room for The Bastard Executioner. That only lasted a season. When I came back and my deal was still in play, that’s when we started pursuing it more seriously.”[/row]

Mayans MC will take place four years after the events of Sons of Anarchy. It follows EZ Reyes (JD Pardo), a former golden boy with the American Dream just within his reach, who is now fresh out of prison and prospecting for Mayans Motorcycle Club.  The series stars JD Pardo,  Law & Order: SVU alum Danny Pinto, Richard Cabral, Clayton Cardenas, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, and Antonio Jaramillo.

Mayans MC premieres tonight on FX at 10:00 EST. For our guide on everything that you need to know head here!