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Michael Dougherty Reveals Interesting Facts about ‘King of the Monsters’

Godzilla: King of the Monsters is out in cinemas and it is an explosive and fun monster extravaganza that puts Godzilla up against his ancient arch nemesis, King Ghidorah.

In my review, which you can read here, I praise the film for its world building and rich mythology that has hopefully aided in constructing a very bright future for the Monsterverse. Even after seeing it three times, there are probably many little intricate details that I missed, particularly in the credits which seem to tease the events of Legendary’s upcoming sequel Godzilla vs King Kong. 

Michael Dougherty, the director of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, has come forward and provided some answers to some burning questions. Dougherty took to Twitter to respond to some questions and gave fans a little more information regarding his vision.

WARNING: There may be spoilers from this point on.

The end credits are filled with multiple news stories that follow on from the films ending. Some include Skull Island, the world healing as a result of the radiation and Godzilla’s new role as King, Monarch releasing all the information on the Titans, the current location of some of the Titans (Rodan is catching a tan in Fiji), and even a mysterious egg. Once Godzilla: King of the Monsters arrives on DVD it’ll be so much easier to go through and really study the credits.

A fan noticed that after Mothra helps the humans find Godzilla, she vanishes for a little while before joining the battle in Boston and fighting both Rodan and Ghidorah (we love you Mothra). Well, there is a reason for this and it may relate to the previously mentioned “mysterious egg”. According to Dougherty, Mothra went and laid an egg before the battle. Whether this egg plays a role in the future is currently a mystery but one thing is certain… we need more Mothra.

This is my favourite piece of trivia. Dougherty named King Ghidorah’s heads to help identify them. The center head was named Ichithe right head was called Niand the left head was called San… also known as Kevin. Ichi Ni San literally translates to “One, Two, Three”. Considering that the middle head is the dominant head, it makes sense as to why he is called number 1. As for poor old Kevin, he doesn’t seem to pay attention a lot. He’s almost like the younger sibling your mum asks you to take with you when you hang out with friends.

This is a nice little reference. While Aaron Taylor Johnson’s character, Ford Brody, doesn’t appear in this sequel, his name is mentioned very briefly. During the fight in Washington a ship called the U.S.S Brody contacts the Argo. It’s definitely not the most obvious Easter egg in the world but it’s certainly a nice little touch.

I love details like this. Mothra’s wings have a small detail in the corner and they appear to resemble eyes. According to Dougherty, the reason these eyes resembled Godzilla’s was down to their relationship and recognition of each other as King and Queen. Mothra is the only monster that doesn’t attempt to attack Godzilla and that’s because they have a very different relationship, a relationship that shows Mothra caring for Godzilla.

It won’t be long before we see Godzilla back on the big screen fighting King Kong. I cannot wait to witness these two Titans go head-to-head but I’m curious to see whether there is a mysterious force lurking that forces Godzilla and Kong to team up. Could we see a new Titan? or could the humans pose a threat this time? Find out next year when Godzilla vs King Kong comes to theaters in March 2020.

If you have seen Godzilla: King of the Monsters I want to know what your favourite part was and which monster you would love to see next. Let us know in the comments below. 

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