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Kelly Clarkson is Our Idol After Shutting Down Twitter Body Shamer

Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP

Kelly Clarkson may have grown a lot from her American Idol days, but one thing she is still very independent. She’s also confident and has absolutely no time for anyone who tries to break what love she has for herself – and we’re big fans of that spirit.

We’re also big fans of what she said to a body shamer on Twitter after she posted a Tweet and instead of a positive reply, or better yet, the person saying nothing at all – they took a tweet that had nothing to do with weight or body image and turned it into that. Or at least, they tried.

The person’s reply, which has since been deleted was ‘You’re fat’…which on top of being absolutely immature, was unnecessary. However, Kelly didn’t let it phase her, with a quick reply she said four words that had fans and other celebs singing her praises.

Kelly’s right. She is fuc— awesome and what she has in her heart and her spirit on top of her talent and her dedication is more than any internet troll could ever dream to have. So while people may try to get her down and speak out of line, she just keeps doing what she does and she does it with a smile.

We’re massive fans of Kelly, and of everyone who took the time to show her some extra love on Twitter that day. Have you ever been trolled online? How did you handle it? Let us know.


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