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Johnny Depp Reportedly Asked Warner Bros for Amber to Be Fired as Well from Aquaman 2

Fantastic Beasts 3 saw the departure of Johnny Depp, as Grindelwald, as a result of Warner Bros asking the star to retire himself from the role. Amid these controversial developments, some are reporting that Warner Bros may also reduce Amber Heard’s role in Aquaman 2 as well. However, Depp doesn’t seem to believe that is enough, according to one report.

Despite all of the evidence against Heard, the UK court ruled in her favor. This was a terrible look for Depp, which puts a label on him as an allegedly abusive spouse (again, despite most of the evidence). Depp will likely now encounter more problems finding work.

According to Daniel Richtman, there are claims that Depp made points about Herd in his own discussions with the Warner Bros. According to the report, Depp reportedly told the studio that if he was being asked to step down, then Heard should also be requested to step down too.

Johnny Depp Reportedly Asked Warner Bros for Amber to Be Fired as Well from Aquaman 2
via Johnny Depp

Warner Bros announced that they will be recasting Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts film series without any announcement about Heard’s participation in Aquaman 2. At the moment, Heard will reprise her part as Mera in Aquaman 2, but according to insider Grace Randolph, the creator of the Beyond The Trailer channel on YouTube, Warner Bros is exploring ways that they can reduce her role.

What do you think about Amber Heard’s involvement in Aquaman 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Reportedly Asked Warner Bros for Amber to Be Fired as Well from Aquaman 2

  1. She should not be cast in the movies. PERIOD. They can recast Johnny Depp, and she is replaceable too. Fair is fair.

  2. I think they should recast Mera in Aquaman 2. She has a history of Domestic Abuse. Johnny Depp does not, and it was completely unnecessary to take all his roles from him. When you see how bad the movies tank without him now, you’ll be begging him to come back!!!

  3. I think Amber Heard should not be able to continue working for Warner bros. If Johnny Depp has to step down so should she. She willing stated that she meant to punch Johnny Depp in the face!

  4. She should be fired without a second though people want equality this isn’t equality this is a power movement by wb so I guess because she’s female she’s above depp right? Fire her

  5. Your facts are slightly wrong. The courts didnt rule “in favor of Amber” she had nothing to do with this UK lawsuit. Depp was suing a newspaper for calling him a wife beater and lost, his case with Amber is ongoing still. So Warner basically fired him over a newspaper slandering him.

  6. I hope amber heard is fired as well. She doesn’t deserve to act either if depp cnt neither should heard

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