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Jamie Lee Curtis Confirms ‘Halloween’ Presence at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is classically the best place to reveal footage, concept art, and make big announcements about upcoming projects; for studios and networks.

Universal Studios is going to take full advantage and Halloween will have a place this year.  Jamie Lee Curtis confirmed it herself via Twitter.

“It’s totally official!” She writes excitedly.

The film completely breaks the rules and ignores all sequels and remakes which came after the original Halloween which was on the big screens back in 1978. We previously received news that Universal Pictures will host a panel in Hall H for Glass and Halloween, but only Halloween is now officially confirmed so far for this year’s SDCC.

Halloween is one of the biggest Universal Pictures releases and it has been log anticipated and awaited by horror lovers who fell into sinister love with Michael Myers in 1978. Laurie Strode, whom Jamie Lee Curtis plays, and Myers will be back sooner than we’re even ready for!


Jamie Lee Curtis has been a regular guest at SDCC thanks to her previous works (Scream Queens). Although her tweet did not divulge extesive details about the appearance, there is no harm in expecting director David Gordon, and the two Michal Myers; Nick Castle and Jude Courtney, to attend.

As we said before, Halloween will not follow in the footsteps of the previous films. It will take its own form. So we might expect this version to be Halloween II, where Michael and Laurie aren’t related. There are also expected to be new characters in the film, such as Karen (Judy Greer) i.e. Laurie’s daughter and Allyson (Andi Marichak) i.e. Laurie’s granddaughter


We saw in the first Halloween trailer what Laurie is doing four decades after Michael’s initial killing spree. She was preparing for his return. The original film ended after Michael was shot dead several times and presumed dead after he fell off a balcony, but when we looked over the balcony, he had disappeared.

The trailer shows that Michael had been living in an asylum which means he was captured. A scene with inmates in the middle of the street mirrored the original film.

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures have not revealed everything they will bring to the panel, but we are as excited as most fans are, to be in the presence of Jamie Lee freaking Curtis. Will you be there?