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It’s Time For You To Watch ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

I’m not sure if this is an apology, an I told-you-so, or it’s an about-damn-time that you changed, but AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead has changed.  And it’s changed for the better. Oh, by the way, it’s good – it’s really good.

I won’t apologize for being critical of Seasons 1 and 2 of the show.  They were bad and made some serious mistakes.  The story telling was poor, it was difficult to relate to the characters and care for them, and the show was supposed to give us a taste of the start of the zombie apocalypse before someone decided to jump two weeks through it.

Somehow, someway, someone decided to take take control of the tone, complexity and intrigue of the show and fixed it.  And now, you’re missing out by not watching the show.

There are no comparisons anymore to the original The Walking Dead.  In fact, it’s easy to watch and not even think of the other show.  The show now carries itself.

Gone are the characters who brought the show down.  Gone too are the story lines that made you say, “who cares?”

It's Time For You To Watch 'Fear The Walking Dead'
Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

Kim Dickens (Madison Clark) and Frank Dillane (Nick Clark) lead the show with real presence and the addition of new cast members Dayton Callie (Jeremiah Otto) and Michael William Freeman (Jake Otto) bring a new injection of mystery, intrigue and true discomfort to the show. Unlike The Walking Dead, which is tied to the comic book source material, Fear’s stories are completely original and, therefore, it’s completely unpredictable and free to take its stories wherever it wants.

Where do you jump in if you gave up the show in Season 1 or early in Season 2?  I suggest you watch the final 2 or 3 episodes of Season 2 and then binge right through.  Season 3 is excellent and the introduction of Jeremiah Otto and his group will captivate you, make you a bit uncomfortable and, if you loved LOST, will make you think you’ve encountered the modern-day Dharma Initiative.

I really want to say more, to give you details that will make you want to start watching it immediately, but I also don’t want to spoil anything for you!

Give Fear The Walking Dead a few hours of your time this week. I promise you, you won’t regret it.  In the middle of the summer, it’s better than almost anything that’s currently on television.

I’m not sorry that I was critical of the first two seasons – they were bad.  I told-you-so that the characters were lacking in intrigue – those characters are gone now.

And it is about-damn-time someone fixed this show!

It’s good.  It’s real good.  Now go watch it!



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