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Is There Going to Be a ‘Pitch Perfect’ 4?

Gather ’round, Pitch Perfect fans because we have some news that’s going to make you say “Aca-Scuse Me?!” Despite last year’s Pitch Perfect 3 seemingly appearing to be the final chapter of the Barton Bella’s story, a new photo making the rounds on social media by some of the ladies is certainly hinting otherwise.

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Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy in the franchise, shared a photo recently of her and some of her Pitch co-stars including Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, and Chrissie Fit all holding up four fingers. On top of that, she captioned the photo with four hearts. Check it out below!

I mean, it seems like all notes are pointing high for this one! Pitch Perfect 3 was certainly marketed as the “farewell tour” for the ladies and in almost all of their interviews, they certainly alluded to it being the final installment.

[row]”It certainly does feel like it’s the finale. We are all at peace with the idea that it would make sense if this was the last one,” star Anna Kendrick told PEOPLE last year. [/row]

Of course, during their promotional tour for the globe-trotting third film, the ladies were more than happy to say they’d all be readily available to make more should the opportunity arise.

[row]”I think all of us would be game for it … We are still incredibly close and we will probably make them — if they want us to — until the end of time,” Britney Snow said on Extra[/row]

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Last year Pitch Perfect 3’s director Trish Sie also interjected into the conversation saying that whether or not they follow the same Bellas we’ve grown to love over the past few years or a new group of ladies, there are still plenty of aca-stories left to tell!

[row]”I would see these movies on and on and on until they start sucking. I think whether it’s these women in the next stage of life or it’s a new group of women going through these things, I think there are endless ways to chart the course of the girls’ lives and a woman’s life.”[/row]

Created by Kay Cannon and loosely based on Mitch Rapkin’s novel Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate a Cappella Glory, the Pitch Perfect film franchise went on to become a surprising global success. The first film, which was released in 2012, was deemed a sleeper hit as it went on to gross over $115 million at the box-office against its $17 million budget. A sequel was quickly greenlighted and went on to achieve greater financial success upon its release in 2015. Last year’s Pitch Perfect 3 earned over $180 million, bringing the entire franchise to over $565 million worldwide.

Would you like to see a fourth Pitch Perfect movie? Would you want it to follow the same girls or a new batch of Bellas? Let us know!