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IronE Singleton on Andrew Lincoln Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’ “The Ricktatorship is Coming to an end”

Walker Stalker Con Orlando is in full swing this weekend, and many fans of The Walking Dead are gathering to celebrate it.

The news about Andrew Lincoln leaving the show is still raw for many fans, including those who used to be on the series themselves!

During a panel with IronE Singleton, who fans know and love as T-Dog from season 1-3, he was asked his thoughts and feelings on the news.

IronE, who has always hailed the show even after his exit, seemed sad and shared his surprise with the audience and what Andy still means to him.

“It was like, I was living vicariously through Lincoln, because he started it all at the hospital. And I started with him. It’s tough. it’s like a part of me that’s dying all over again. I think a lot of people, a lot of kids you grew up wathing Rick. It’s a sad moment because Rick is Rick! The Ricktatorship is coming to an end.

He told the audience that he still watches the show, and feels a great connection to it.

“I’m a few episodes behind. I just watched Season 8 episode 12.”

The news of Andrew Lincoln’s departure was confirmed in May, and officially announced by Robert Kirkman just before San Diego Comic Con this year.

Andrew Lincoln was present at the major event and addressed both fans and press about his long-time coming decision to leave the series that has been his home for 9 seasons.

“9 years. Well, you know, because that’s where we live. It had a lot to do with a conversation Scott and I had a few years ago. It was something I started thinking about as my children got older and less portable.”

He left fans comforted when he assured them that the show will remain the show they love and now has the freedom to expand.

”What’s exciting for me is that the narrative is being freed up. It feels like the show I always felt we’d head toward when we wrapped the pilot.

Some fans are turning their backs on the series because of Andy’s exit, and some are going to stick with it.

As for IronE, he will still watch.

“Because I’m a loyalist. I just want to ride it out to the end to see who survives. I’m just curious, the team, the execs and the writers are doing a fantastic job. The writing is still superb, so yeah.”

You can check out the full video of IronE’s comments below:

The Walking Dead will return on October 7th for it’s 9th season.