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Hulu Documentary Unleashes Stephen King’s ‘Search for Castle Rock’.

In less than one week Hulu will unleash the creepy chaos of Castle Rock! Based on books featuring Stephen King’s sinister town, this new series is expected to be a horror-filled homecoming. Last week Hulu released a terrorizing trailer for the highly anticipated Castle Rock series and is premiering the first episode THIS weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. Fortunate fans indeed! In preparation for what appears to be nothing less than a colossal colliding of King’s creepy classics, Hulu has provided fans with a documentary that reveals the inspiration behind the tales.

The 25-minute long video explores Stephen King’s life in the small towns of Durham and Bangor, Maine from which he drew much influence for his fictitious, yet frightening, Castle Rock. Best-selling novels Cujo, Needful Things, The Body, Shawshank Redemption, It, Salem’s Lot and more are discussed in the insightful and often disturbing documentary. We bear witness to the very places that planted the seed for some of Mr. Kings most provocative stories and hardcore fans will be thrilled to see the familiar face of actress Sissy Spacek. Ms. Spacek, who portrayed the iconic lead role in Carrie back in 1976, makes an appearance in both Castle Rock the series and in the documentary. Whether a Stephen King Universe novice or well-versed connoisseur, this documentary will surely prepare you for the chilling journey into Castle Rock

“Our intention was always to tell an original story in the tune of Stephen King…The germ of the idea was to think about the kinds of people who have the grit to stick it out in a place that’s been terrorized over and over again. Who stays in a place like that? says Castle Rock co-creator Dustin Thomason.” Source: Entertainment Weekly

The first three episodes of Castle Rock will be available on Hulu July 25th. Ready to make new nightmares? Welcome home. 😉