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How Blake Lively Got Tortured By Ryan Reynold’s ‘Deadpool’ Sex Montages

The title to this article seems very weird, but in fact, it’s actually something Blake Lively really said! She was live in an interview with Jimmy Fallon when she got the question how Father’s day was with Ryan. This was her answer to it:

“It was the first day that we’ve missed together, so I was on a plane with my baby, James, and it’s kind of like it’s torture these days because I’m on a plane and everywhere I look, every screen is my husband in a sex montage…with another woman because everybody wants to watch Deadpool on the plane. Everyone! For 14 hours, having your husband having, like, mash potatoes eaten out of his butthole because that’s in the film. It’s very lovely. It’s a cruel and unusual form of torture…then my daughter goes, “Dada!” And then she starts hugging and kissing the screen and waving at him and he’s not waving back and she doesn’t understand why he’s not waving back at her because she thinks it’s like facetime.” – Blake Lively

Isn’t this too funny? Blake sure didn’t have to miss Ryan Reynolds on Father’s Day!


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