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Hilarie Burton’s First Tweet is Giving us Major ‘Breyton’ Feels

Published on May 23rd, 2017 | Updated on May 23rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Hilarie Burton just joined Twitter and we are loving it for a few reasons. She’s been one of our favorite actresses since we were first fully obsessed with a show (see: One Tree Hill) and she’s one of those people you want to keep up with because she’s a positive spirit and she does a lot of good. Some of that good that she does goes hand in hand with some of the good that Jeffrey Dean Morgan does – like when the pair recently helped to renovate a residential unit for children at Astor in Rhinebeck. In addition to doing charity work with Jeffrey, they’re also a total power couple, so we’re hoping to see some sweet and funny tweets from the two of them.

However, Hilarie’s first tweet went to another incredibly important person in her life and it is giving us all the One Tree Hill feels. Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton played Brooke and Peyton, respectively, on the series and they were truly the epitome of what a friendship is. They had ups and they had downs, they had moments where they thought they may give up on one another altogether but they never truly left one another alone, not even in the hardest times. From High School to the years after, through marriage and children – even after Hilarie left the show – their characters were connected.

Their real life friendship has stayed connected too; both women are absolute forces of nature and the fact that their friendship is based on love, strength, and being pretty bad ass women is something we look up to.

Not only was her first tweet a show of her love for Sophia, she totally went there with the Brooke and Peyton gif! Consider us canceling our plans tonight and rewatching old episodes of One Tree Hill for, a few hours at least.

Before we tune in, however, we thought about the history of B Davis and P Sawyer and picked our top 5 shows of friendship between the two.

When Brooke told Lucas to ‘go’ for Peyton during the Championship game.
The epic love triangle between Brooke, Lucas, and Peyton was a major storyline in the series for a few seasons, and during that love triangle, both Brooke and Peyton put their personal feelings aside for the happiness of the boy they loved and for their best friend. Peyton told Brooke that Lucas said her name when Peyton asked who he’d like standing next to him when his dreams were coming true. However, when the championship basketball game was won, Brooke saw Lucas who was looking at Peyton and she knew…so she told Lucas to go to Peyton, and he did.

When Brooke moved back to Tree Hill for Peyton.
Peyton’s life took a turn after high school that she wasn’t anticipating. So much so that she lost her way, to find it, and to find love, she moved back to Tree Hill. She said it wasn’t because of Lucas, and maybe it wasn’t – at least not 100% – but Brooke knew that Peyton needed to be in Tree Hill for the good of her heart, and Brooke knew that she needed to be there too. She moved back and while it ended up being what was best for her too, originally, it was what was best for Peyton, so she sacrificed something great for someone important.

When Peyton wrote on Brooke’s mirror after she was attacked.
After Brooke was attacked, she shut in on herself – she didn’t want to make anyone worry about her, and she needed to be able to rebuild herself at the same time. Brooke finally admitted to Peyton that she was attacked, and they had a long talk…however, the sweetest moment came when Peyton wrote on Brooke’s mirror, switching all the words with loving and compassionate ones.

When Peyton named her daughter after Brooke.
Peyton’s pregnancy was big news for her and for Lucas, but also for Brooke. Brooke loved children and knowing that her best friend was having a baby made her an aunt from the start. While the entire thing was special, and Brooke was there from the beginning for her. Peyton did something even more special for her and named her child Sawyer Brooke Scott.

When Peyton filmed a ‘just in case’ video for Sawyer and talked about Brooke.
When Peyton was pregnant, some things weren’t going as planned…so much so that she was preparing the people who loved her for their lives without her. She filmed videos for her unborn child, told her husband and her friends how important they were to her, and while she said she wanted this life, this happy ending, she was prepared to give her life for her child’s. During the video she filmed for Sawyer, she talked about Brooke. We cried…

My best friend –OK this one is so important; choose wisely, I got really lucky with mine. My best friend is funny, intelligent, creative, beautiful, and successful, and very kind. She’s also impulsive, frustrating, um complicated, childish, but I would not have her any other way. And the best part about Brooke Davis is that she always puts friends first. So if you are ever in any kind of trouble, you know who to call. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have watching over you.

Were you big fans of One Tree Hill? Let us know what your favorite ‘Breyton’ moment was. We’re so happy to see that Hilarie and Sophia are still so close.

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