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Hilarie Burton’s Birthday Wish to Sophia Bush has us in Our Feelings

Published on July 8th, 2017 | Updated on July 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

Sometimes, the most powerful thing in the world can be a fierce, loyal, and compassionate friendship between women. There are people that come and go in our lives, relationships we build and bridges we burn, and people who come into our lives with an expiration date. However, there are also bonds that are formed, sometimes in the most unlikely places, that last a lifetime.

One of those bonds is evident in Hilarie Burton and Sophia Bush. Not long ago, Hilarie celebrated a birthday and Sophia’s message to her warmed our hearts. The sentiment was returned today as Sophia celebrated her special day and Hilarie shared a beautiful message of the evolution of their friendship.

She talks about everyone being drawn to Sophia and her being ‘multitudes’, she says she’s been changed by Sophia’s friendship, and if that wasn’t sweet enough, she posted something else on Instagram which was even sweeter.

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So I don't know how to share posts between twitter and Instagram. Cause I'm a grandma. But I posted this birthday note for my love @sophiabush earlier today on @hilarieburton …….. "I remember an early night out, you in a backless orange shirt, Greenberg with his guitar and Lee's dance moves at the Rhino. Everyone was drawn to you. I remember grapefruit vodka shots and conspiring glances and buying our first homes and you crying with me when Scott died and getting stuck in that snowstorm coming back from Chicago, driving home at 2am. I remember hurricane parties and Halloween mischief and shared books and such good gossip and grown up losses and successes. You are multitudes, my friend. You grow lovelier each year and I love that our life are forever tangled. I have been changed by your steadfast friendship. You're a gift, Sophia. Enjoy your day!!!" Here I can elaborate and say how absolutely intimidated I was when you showed up on set. You have always been a force, and too beautiful to handle. I'm so grateful for all the memories we share that no one else will ever fully understand. I'm grateful that we've always pushed each other to be authentic and I'm grateful that I get to watch your star rise and rise and say "that's my friend". You make the world better. I love you!! #happybirthday #sistersforlife

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She elaborated and said she was intimidated by Sophia when she first showed up, saying that she’s a force and that much stands true. One of the greatest pop culture relationships is the one between Peyton and Brooke and these two took that friendship to another level in their real lives too.

Sophia Bush is someone we look up to here at Fan Fest. Not only is she strong, she’s compassionate and caring, she’s motivational and inspirational, and she’s all about building other women up and self-empowerment. She’s an absolute light and we’re glad that she has friends like Hilarie to further inspire her to be the person that she is, to let that light shine.

Here’s to you, Sophia.


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