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Here’s What All The Supergirl Actors Want To Steal Now That The Show Is Over!

Published on August 16th, 2021 | Updated on August 21st, 2021 | By FanFest

Supergirl is almost over for good, and even though I’m sad I hope the ending is amazing. The show is returning next week for the final batch of episodes and I’m really looking forward to its return! The CW put out a brand new featurette! In it, we learn what the actors want to steal from the show.

Here’s the featurette, so you can check it out for yourself! It’s some wholesome fun before the show comes to an end for good.

So, you may not be surprised to find out that every single actor wants to steal their suits. You have to admit, a lot of the suits on the series are pretty impressive. Supergirl’s in particular has always been a favorite of mine.

David Harewood specifically actually says straight up he’s taking it. Not only is he taking it but he plans on using it as a pair of pajamas. It’s kind of funny to imagine him lounging around his house in his Martian Manhunter suit.

Some of the actors are more honest than others. Nicole Maines says that she’s just going to ask if she can have some of her stuff. Though, she does admit at the end that she’ll resort to taking it if necessary.

Don’t mess with Dreamer, I guess!

We’re approaching the end for sure. and Melissa Benoist has admitted she’s really excited for the end. Based on what Benoist has said the ending of Supergirl is really good, so I hope it lives up.

Benoist said previously about the ending that “They pitched it to me because they wanted to know if I had any input as to where I wanted to see Kara ending up at the end of the series. I had one request, and it wasn’t even something they were thinking about doing. And they pitched me the end, and it’s really lovely. It’s a great ending. I feel fantastic about it.”

Supergirl is back on August 24 with an aptly named episode “Welcome Back, Kara!” And now we know what the actors want to steal!

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