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‘Gotham’ Preview: Bruce Has a Look Into his Future

Hello, my fellow Gothamites! It’s the time of the week again where we have a new preview to share with you of the next episode of Gotham.

It seems that in this episode we will finally get to see the two sides in Arkham Asylum. The one where Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) will be right in front of Penguin’s (Robin Lord Taylor) face. But that is not all we will get to see; we will also see Ivy (Peyton List) meeting Bruce (David Mazouz) once again.

It seems that Ivy is talking to Bruce about his guilty feelings he has. She brings Bruce in a sort of trance (which makes us think about the blue flower they use in Batman Begins 2005). In that trance, instead of facing his fears he sees himself in the future. Or is he facing his fears? What does this mean?!

A Dark Knight: A Beautiful Darkness episode of Gotham will air Thursday, March 8!