‘Gotham’ Just Got a Premiere Date!


Things just got very real for Gotham’s last season as we finally have an official premiere date! Gotham is premiering early 2019, and we cannot be happier.

The one to break the news was our own Selina Kyle, Camren Bicondova on the Gotham Twitter page with a special message about the premiere. She started the video with saying that she doesn’t know when the premiere date is while continuing that season 5 just wrapped, that it was a big family reunion, and that it’s one of her favorite moments while filming. She goes on saying that she can’t wait for everyone to see this final season… premiering January 3rd! 

We’re getting our premiere three days into the new year, and we are honestly SO excited for Gotham to return, with which will be one of the best seasons this show will have. Recently we heard at New York Comic-Con that the last episode would be set 10 years into the future so that we can have Batman on our small screen. Not only did we get to know that, but we also know that Magpie will join Gotham with its growing villains, just like Bane, AND Jeremiah will get a ‘somewhat deranged girlfriend’ who likes roller skates. Honestly, with those reveals alone, my mind was ready to explode. We recently saw a Tweet appear from the producer Tze Chun with the name of one of the episodes that’s called ‘Ace Chemicals,’ which is a dead giveaway that we’re getting a Joker origin story.

Gotham season 5 will premiere on January 3, 2019.

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