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The ‘Gotham’ Series Finale Will Take Place 10 Years in the Future

Published on October 7th, 2018 | Updated on October 8th, 2018 | By FanFest

It the excited words of Harley Quinn ‘What’s up New York?!’

New York Comic Con is still going on full blast, with a shimmer of the end coming close. The Gotham panel just wrapped and the cast, and executive producers gave us some fantastic news on the last season of our favorite show.

Episode 10, the season finale of Gotham will take place ten years in the future, that for the particular reason for one character to arrive! I cannot wait for this season to happen, it’s going to be one crazy roller coaster of surprises, fear gas, and explosions.

One thing caught my eye, and not just mine, as we’ve been waiting a long time to see some more original badies in this show.

So, Jeremiah Valeska, the twin of Jerome, is getting a ‘somewhat deranged girlfriend’ that dresses ‘in multicolor fashion,’ when watching the panel online, people were going wild. For a good reason, we have been waiting for a real Joker reveal, followed by a Harley Quinn. We came close last season with the person dressed in the jester suit. The executive producer that was there on the panel said they didn’t have a very healthy relationship, which is leading us to believe we’ll have a full sight of Joker and Harley. Oh, and she loves roller skates. Is this a 52 era Harley?!

In this panel, we also heard that Penguin is getting a pet!

The whole panel was giving us excited vibes as they talked about the Bane oriented episode, Magpie joining the crew, and Gotham being split apart by the crime bosses ruling the world. Kind of like you can see in the Batman video games!

Gotham will return in 2019, and FOX will release the premiere date very soon.



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