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Gotham Character Spotlight: Barbara Kean

Image: FOX

If you are a
follower of the
Batman comics and stories then
you know that Jim Gordon and
Barbara Kean get married. If you are a watcher
of Fox’s Gotham you are

aware that this is clearly not the case. After she is kidnapped in season 1
The Ogre she has a major
mental breakdown and turns into possibly the craziest
ex- girlfriend one as
ever seen (just think Fatal
Attraction x 1,000). After
admitting to killing her parents she is committed
to Arkham Asylum. Barbara

seems to find her “people” there and let’s just say that is where the party

gets started.

her band of merry criminal crazies are busted out of
Arkham by Theo Galavan
she admits that she is “Not a
brilliant criminal…I just
have… Issues”. Yes, Barbara, you do. The bulls
eye on her crazy target is none

other than her lost love, Jim Gordon. At this point he has moved on and
could not be more
irritated. Knowing that Jim is now shacking up with his new
lady love she
leaves wonderful voicemails such as
“I hope you die

Image: FOX

Even though she seems like a

complete whack job you
really love to hate her. I find myself anxious to see
what she is going to
do next. She is like the crazy ex-
girlfriend we all wanted
to be but it is totally illegal to do that sort of
stuff in real life. We can

all just continue to live vicariously through her (just don’t tell


Barbara is
brilliantly portrayed by actress Erin Richards.
Having met Ms. Richards
personally I can tell you that these
are two incredibly
different personalities (thank goodness). Erin had this
to say about her
character in
an article by The Hollywood Reporter: “When she was Old Barbara she
was so
constrained in her life, she felt
like a caged animal…” she goes on to
say ” The new Barbara is much freer,
wilder, funner…” I’m not sure
dressing up in a wedding dress, kidnapping a priest and staging a
wedding while
the groom is tied up
is fun but I will take it. It makes for a great


mid-season finale left Barbara in critical
condition after falling off of a

rooftop after the whole wedding thing didn’t work out. I sure hopes she
through. She brings a lot
to the crazy table! Be sure to find out what happens
when Gotham
comes back on Fox Feb 29th at

What are your
favorite Barbara Kean moments?


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