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Good News Wednesday: 10 Year-Old Sells Paintings for Thousands and Donates All of It!

Here’s some good news! Daisy Watt, just 10 years old, is called the “mini-Monet” and her work is wonderful.  But what she’s doing with her work is even better!

Watt has made nearly £50,000 from her floral landscape paintings, which can sell for up to £10,000.  She’s then taken the money and donated it to charity! Her paintings were put on display for a cancer charity and they raised a lot of money!

Daisy’s parents, Karen, said, “She’s always been into arts and crafts and has been ever since she could hold a paintbrush,” mother-of-three, Karen, from Misson, South Yorkshire, explains.

“But over the past few years her work has really caught people’s attention.”

And despite having a degree in art Karen says her daughter is the better artist.


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“One time we were sitting down painting tulips and I turned to her and said ‘right how are we going to figure out the shape here?. I was trying to work it out and in that time she was dipping her paintbrush in different paints. Then with three different colours on the brush she started to paint. It just comes so naturally to her.”

“It was just the perfect tulip and you can’t knock talent like that,” said Karen.

Karen loved the painting and asked a local gallery if they’d like to auction off another similar artwork by Daisy, in aid of cancer charities Firefly and Cancer Research.  It sold in 2017 for £9,500 and was so popular 100 special edition prints were commissioned and snapped up by buyers as far afield as Canada and Hong Kong.

It sparked a true passion for Daisy, and now she paints most days, heading out of her studio and into the garden with her paints – tester pots from B&Q.

“I’ve always kept a lot of flowers in the garden and we live in the countryside so that probably inspires her,” her mum explains.

There’s meaning behind her paintings too, “The daffodils are people surviving cancer but haven’t beaten it yet,” Karen explains, ” and the stars represent people who have lost their battle while the sun represents people who have beaten it.”

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