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‘Game Of Thrones’ Official Twitter Tweets and Fans Are Freaking Out

The Game of Thrones official Twitter account posted a tweet on Monday and now fans are freaking out as they try to figure out what it means.

“Winter is coming.”

That’s all they tweeted! But do they really need to say anything more? Yes! Yes they do!

There has been a lot of backlash from fans o the way that the final season of Game of Thrones ended, so many fans are hoping this means their voices were heard. So let’s speculate as to what exactly is “coming.”

“Winter is coming,” is the forewarning that the literal winter and threats from the north are returning again. A warning that is typically associate with House Stark.

First, it could just literally mean that winter is on the way to Northern United States and Europe. And, Game of Thrones official Twitter is just messing with everyone!

Second, a large faction of fans have been lobbying for either a do-over of Season 8 or create a Season 9 to fix all of the plot hoes that Season 8 left behind.

Third, a book is finally coming. George R.R. Martin’s book, The Winds of Winter, is finally on its way. Long overdue, Martin’s take on the final chapter(s) has been promised forever.

'Game Of Thrones' Official Twitter Tweets and Fans Are Freaking Out

Finally, it’s just good old-fashioned marketing and promotion. The Season 8 DVD and Blu-ray arrive a week from today and they just want to give fans a friendly reminder to pick up their copy.

Whatever the reason, we all want more Game of Thrones, whether you liked Season 8 or not!

Tell us what you think this tweet means in the comments below! Are you excited?

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