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Gal Gadot’s Fast & Furious Friends and Costars Voice their Pride on her Wonder Woman Performance

Everyone knows that the underlying theme in the Fast & Furious films is family and brotherhood. The films see their good times and bad on the basis of just that. They’re fighting alongside one another, for one another, and against those who aim to harm their family. Whether you’ve been in one film or all of them – when you become part of that group and have a bond that strong, it sticks with you forever.

Gal Gadot is part of that family and as her Wonder Woman debut happened and became the talk of entertainment, she’s been praised by those who formed that bond with her during the Fast & Furious.

Tyrese is a man who is always proud of the people he knows, he’s truly motivational and uplifting and his post to Gal was nothing short of heartfelt and super sweet. He said he took his wife and daughter to the film the night it premiered (or he wouldn’t have been granted permission to sleep) and he prided Gal on giving women the permission to be great.

Vin Diesel also posted a photo, this time it was a selfie alongside Gal, and said that no words could truly describe how proud he is of her.

In addition, Dwayne Johnson joined in on Twitter by saying congratulations to his ‘home girl’  and calling the film a ‘great win for the biz’.

A few other cast members shared their congratulations and pride with Gal, to see the rest of them you can check out this EW article.

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? Did you feel a sense of greatness walking out of the theater? Let us know.

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