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Fox renews The Simpsons for 2 more seasons

Series renewals are coming in fast and steady and Fox have delighted fans all over by renewing The Simpsons for not one, but two more seasons.

The show celebrated 30 years in 2017 and with this new renewal it means the series will hit another milestone, passing 700 episodes. It currently holds the title of the longest-running prime time scripted series ever, and seasons 31 and 32 will have it hit 713 episodes in total.

For a show that’s had boasted amazing guest stars like Leonard Nimoy, Meryl Streep and Michael Jackson, covered topics such as the existence of God, and even successfully predicted the future, it’s hard to know what else the show can cover, but we’re excited to see where America’s favourite family are going to go next.

The 30th season returns to Fox on Sunday with I’m Dancing as Fat as I Can with guest star Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer for Netflix) which will see Homer binge watching without Marge. After surviving the town pod, disapproval from Marge’s family, and Mindy – we’re sure they’ll work this one out too.