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Fortnite Season Six: A Party and a Llama Robot DJ

Fortnite has produced the first official clue to what season 6 of Fortnite will hold.

On Monday, they tweeted out an images of a purple, llama robot with the words, “All great parties need a DJ. 3 days to Season 6.”

It features what could very well be a new skin for the game.

This comes after players watched a strange purple cube roll into Loot Lake and now have discovered that it’s a jelly trampoline that represents season 6. They’ve been having lots of fun bouncing atop of the cube, now named “Kevin”.

There is going to be a brand new map narrative for season 6 along with new skins when the game hits on September 27th! As a gift, players were given a temporary 400% boost of XP by the game developer at Epic Games.

While a time for the release hasn’t been confirmed, updates usually happen at 9am BST.

There are plenty of theories about the arrival of Crazy Castle in season 6. They are only spurred by a bit of graffiti found that says Crazy Castle, and video of a new emote movement called “Capoeira” released by Epic Games that shows a castle in the distance.

Loot Lake could also change drastically from its current purple gelatinous mass. Another new character was revealed in a different tweet on the side of the cube as well. She is a cowgirl with full Texas garb-all in purple of course. Kevin is most likely just the start of the purple theme.

It is yet to be confirmed but previous season Battle passes which include new skins and items have been sold for 950 V-Bucks, equivalent to $8.25. Map changes and challenges will be available to all players for free as they always have been.

The season 6 Battle Pass cost will most likely remain the same, and of course challenges and maps will be free as always.