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Fortnite’s Rare Red Knight Skin Release Has Fans Furious


Fortnite players are not so happy about the red knight skin which has been made available at the Item Shop. Epic Games and Fortnite released the suit Thursday and told fans via twitter.

The reason behind the outrage is because red knight is one of the rarest in Fortnite.  It has only ever been sold once, but players are divided about the return of the red knight.

Players who missed the chance to buy the skin the first time around are extremely excited, but there is a part of the community who are against Epic selling the skin again, saying that the rarity of the skin is what made it so special.

Epic games is of the opinion that bringing back this rare skin will make players happy, but players who worked hard to earn it are not so happy about the news.

When the news broke out on twitter, was received with backlash from fans who do not appreciate this move.

Most fans are of the opinion that it should remain rare. This is what some fans had to say:


Which rare skin do you want to see released?