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Filmmaker Drake Doremus Shares Moving Tribute to Anton Yelchin on the 1st Anniversary of his Death

On the one year anniversary of Anton Yelchin’s tragic death, filmmaker and friend Drake Doremus shared a touching tribute video to the late star via his social media pages.  Yelchin was killed, well before his time, after being involved in a freak automobile accident outside of his home.  He was only 27 years old at the time of his passing.

Doremus and Yelchin worked together, along with Felicity Jones, on the film Like Crazy in 2011.  Doremus directed the young actor and, it would appear they became quite close.  Doremus shared a video of behind the scenes, unscripted material, presumably from the time they spent together filming, that just showed Yelchin doing what he did best, being the wonderful person that he was.

The two minute film will make you smile, laugh and, undoubtedly tear up with an overflow of emotion.  The video fittingly begins with the words, “we love you Anton…” and ends with the words, “…like crazy.”

One year ago, upon learning of Yeltsin’s death, Doremus said of his late friend, “He taught me what being a humble and hardworking artist is all about.  Anton changed my life in so many ways, and I’ll never forget him.”

Jones, who is seen frequently throughout the tribute video, also reflected on what an amazing person Yelchin was at the time of his passing by saying he was, “a unique and profound soul” who “touched everyone he met with his honesty and humanity.”

You can watch Drake Doremus’ full tribute to the late and missed Anton Yelchin below:


Source: Entertainment Weekly

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