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Fan Fest Original: Geekster Ink Teaser

Geeksterink Legends is a brand new series to premier on!

Whether live and in person, or on their home screen, con goers will experience the intimate, dramatic and artistic adventures of what’s going on inside and outside of the Geeksterink tattoo booth.

Exclusively shot on location at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest and Walker Stalker cons, the epic tattoos and larger-than-life characters that make up the legendary cast will be on full public display; adding an entire new element to the reality show genre.

Led by reality TV veterans Chris 51 and Josh Bodwell (from A&E’s Epic Ink), the lovable and fan-friendly cast are true professionals, always giving their attention to fans first. Their mind-blowing artistic skills will inspire and awe both the viewers and con goers.

Every city will bring different cultural elements to capture on film, and every cosplayer and exuberant fan is a potential client in the making.

So, don’t miss out on this EXCLUSIVE first look at Geeksterink Legends; and, don’t miss your chance to be featured on the show at the next Walker Stalker or Heroes & Villains Fan Fest near you!