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Fan Fest Fuzzies: Robert Irwin on the Tonight Show

A few months ago we featured Robert Irwin on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. That day he was there honoring his father. This time around, he is there to speak about a program they have. This program is actually an expedition that takes place at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Australia. Every year a team of scientist from the Australia Zoo and the Irwin family get together and research the animals. They have now invited people to join them.  You can sign up to be part of this expedition. Check it out at Australia Zoo Expeditions .


As always he had some really interesting animals that Jimmy was unsure of.  This time, Robert brought a 2 year old alligator snapping turtle who is tiny and adorable. After meeting him, we meet a 100 year old alligator snapping turtle by the name of Sheldon. He is just massive in size.  Snapping turtles have the ability of living anywhere from 80 to 200 years old.  Sheldon is sure living the life.  My favorite animal that we get to meet is the baby kangaroo by the name of Hazel.   How awesome would it be to meet a baby kangaroo?  As someone who volunteers her time at zoo, I can only hope to be able to get up close to animals and experience something like that. Check out the video below of Robert showing off some amazing animals.




Would you sign up to be part of the expedition?  What did you think of the animals Robert showed off?

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