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Fan Fest Exclusive: Griffin Gluck on ‘Locke & Key’s’ epic twist

Griffin Gluck, star of the Netflix show Locke & Key, has a new movie coming out on Hulu called Big Time Adolescence. I had the pleasure to speak to him about both projects and which Keyhouse key he’d love to use.
He was the only cast member who knew Gabe was a villain, and he spilled the beans.

“I’m the only person that knew the whole time. When I walked into the audition room, that was the first thing that they told me. And I was like, ‘oh, okay well that’s awesome. I love that.’ And then, I mean, I had to keep that secret for like the past year since that moment so this has been really exciting for me, especially when it finally came out and people finally knew because I didn’t even tell my family or anything. It was like such a cool little secret. I was so excited, but technical because they’re like, ‘by the way no one else knows, this is the big secret.”

“I thought everyone knew. My first day on set was in the lobster costume for the very short film at the beginning of the season. They asked why I’m in a lobster costume and I was like ‘I don’t know, I’m playing the demon’ and they’re like, ‘what?’ I leaked the secret to the cast. I just assumed everyone knew.”

Fan Fest Exclusive: Griffin Gluck on 'Locke & Key's' epic twist
CR: Damon Baker courtesy of Charlie Roina (Jill Fritzo PR)

Switching gears

Gluck is used to playing the good guy and he’s loving the chance to switch gears and explore being the villain.

“Well, I haven’t fully switched gears yet. We’re not fully into Gabe’s bad side, so I’m still playing the good kid, love interest. But the reason I was so excited about this because I’ve always wanted to play the villain, the bad guy. And when I found out that I got to sort of disguise myself as the good guy and then eventually creep my way and slowly roll my way into the evil world, I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. I hope this is the first of many evil roles because they’re actually a lot of fun to play.”

“To really play it off that you’re the good guy, you have to play it as the good guy. And then the fun part is going back into that and adding the hints of mischief once you have the good guy act out. A lot of that comes from writing. I really loved the writing on this show, I was such a huge fan of it, reading through it. And I think that made it a lot easier to sort of maneuver my way around because I just got to focus on putting on the convincing good guy show. It sort of guided me in the path of also being mischievous, which helped a lot, but I think you know next season we’re really gonna dive into that and I’m gonna have to ditch the good guy.”

Speaking of next season, Gluck couldn’t say much-

“I think they don’t want to tell me anything because they’ve seen that I like to talk, and they don’t want me to release any secrets. But what they have told me is that season two, they’re already a lot of the way through writing it and they just said that Gabe is their favorite part of the season. They’re so excited because he’s just heading into so many antics which is my dream. They haven’t told me any specifics yet, they’ve told me that it’s just gonna be like a really fun to shoot because Gabe is up to some stuff.”

Fan Fest Exclusive: Griffin Gluck on 'Locke & Key's' epic twist
Gluck in ‘Big Time Adolescence.’ CR: Marcus Russel Price courtesy of Neon

Gluck did admit that he’d love to use the Anywhere key just based on its convenience.

“If I had the key in my regular day-to-day life, I will be a much happier person. I do a lot of traveling and if I could just walk through my dorm room door to get home to my family for spring break and have like a nice meal, I’d be like ‘I’ll see you guys later.’ Instead of the two days of travel, that it is. I would be a very happy boy if I didn’t have to take the train from school to New York City like four times a week, it’d be awesome.”

Big Time Adolescence

Gluck’s film Big Time Adolescence is out in select theaters today and will be on Hulu next Friday, March 20.

“I love talking about it because it’s a coming of age story about a kid who is sort of led down the wrong path and has to learn how to grow up and not be a kid anymore and take responsibility for his own actions. This is like a very beautiful portrayal of youth in a very modern time, which is part of the reason I fell in love with this script. It’s so honest and I feel like it holds up a mirror to a lot of the youth in our society and I just loved that so much. So that’s basically what it’s about in 100 words or less. I’m very excited for people to get to see it… Go watch it and I guarantee you, you will have a great time.”

Fan Fest Exclusive: Griffin Gluck on 'Locke & Key's' epic twist
Gluck with Pete Davidson in ‘Big Time Adolescence.’ CR: Marcus Russel Price courtesy of Neon
Locke & Key is now streaming on Netflix and Big Time Adolescence, after it’s limited run, will hit Hulu March 20.

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