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Fan Fest ’31 Days of Slashers’: 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Creeper

Happy October, my fellow geeklings! Now that October has finally stumbled upon us, we can officially begin our haunting season. For the month of October, we will be doing ’31 Days of Slashers’, which will feature facts, spotlights and even some interviews from some of our favorite iconic horror villains.

Are you ready for Halloween?! We sure are!

Today we will be covering 5 Facts You Probably Didn’t know about The Creeper!

5. He Can ‘Apparently’ Talk

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Image: American Zoetrope

It is quite clear that The Creeper possesses extreme intelligence. He can set traps, forge his own weapons and he can outmit most of his opponents. In the film, most of his vocalizations are hissing, growling and screeching. But deleted scenes from the original Jeepers Creepers proves that the creature can indeed speak. Whether he understands English or he merely imitating his victims is uncertain, but there are words somewhere in there.

4. He Hates Social Media (Well, The Actor Does!)

Jonathan Breck, the actor who plays The Creeper enjoys a life of privacy.  An article published recently on HUBMESH states: “Everything related to his personal life is expertly hidden away from the media by the actor… [He] is not active across any social media platform, making it impossible for his fans to be updated about the happenings in his life.”


3. His ‘Peepers’ Had Him Working Blind

Hey Mr. Creeper, where did you get those peepers!? The contacts that Jonathan Breck wore for his role of The Creeper made the actor blind whenever he had to wear them for a scene. Suffice to say, you could really call them ‘dead eyes’.


2. The Film Was Originally Titled ‘Here Comes the Boogeyman’

According to IMDB, the original title of Jeepers Creepers was “Here Comes the Boogeyman”. While The Creeper certainly acts like a boogeyman would, the title just doesn’t hold the same as the title ‘Jeepers Creepers’. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel as though Jeepers Creepers is much more catchy. The term ‘boogeyman’ is too overused anyway. Besides, it makes a nice addition when you can add Rob Zombie’s ‘Meet the Creeper’ to the trailer!


1. Pay Attention to The License Plate Game

In the first Jeepers Creepers movie when siblings Darry and Trish  first encounter the Creeper’s truck on the highway, they interpret his license plate, BEATINGU, as “Beating You”. But given what The Creeper actually does one could interpret as ‘Be Eating You’. Interesting side fact: The license plate of the car the siblings are driving is SVM, which some fans interpret as “Save Me”.


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