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Ed Sheeran Releases ‘Perfect’ Lyric Video

Ed Sheeran’s album Divide has been a constant in our music library since its debut earlier this year. Not only is it a collection of songs you can listen to from beginning to end – we don’t skip a single tune – but it’s the album he returned to music with after taking a hiatus to live a little.

So these songs meant something different to fans of Sheeran, and to himself as well, and it’s no surprise to us that his world tour is getting rave reviews as he introduces fans to his new songs live.

So far, the album has two videos and two singles, and the next is on the horizon. At a concert in Louisville, Kentucky, Sheeran revealed that his new single would be ‘Perfect’ and took to social media just a day ago to make the announcement official. Within hours, he also released the lyric video for the tune.

If we thought we were in love with the song before, it’s got an even bigger place in our hearts now.

It’s an animated love letter and it’s easily one of our favorite lyric videos to date. In entertainment, there are occasions where songs, films, and television are sweet but…too much. This isn’t one of those occasions, this is the type of song and video that inspires you to love, too.

If the lyric video is this good, we can’t imagine how the official video will be better, but we’ll soon find out as Sheeran anticipates releasing it very soon.

Are you as big of a fan of the single and lyric video as we are? Let us know.